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America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/10/2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/10/2021


Tonight is the first live shows on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.


Terry Crews hosts, while Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara sit at the judges’ table.


Canine Stars: This is the dog act that made the judges into canine pals. This time they do tricks with a Vegas gambling theme. It is adorable to watch and something I would go see if it were playing near me. I also want to know how these dogs don’t beg for cuddles or treats  if they do something correctly?


The judges love them as well and think they stepped it up this time.


Peter Rosalita: He performs I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston and WOW….this kid is a powerhouse like no other. How he has this much talent at a young age is beyond me and I wonder how he can top this act.


The judges are impressed and think he will go to the next round.


Beyond Belief Dance Company: These kiddos are soooo cute. I cannot help but smile the entire time they are on the stage because they just have so much positive energy.


The judges actually predict they will make it to the finals.

Madilyn Bailey: She does a cover song instead of an original tonight, but she is just as good. I have a feeling she is going to make it pretty far in terms of her music career.


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Howie and Heidi didn’t think it stood out, but Simon loved it.



Kabir Singh: His comic act tonight focuses on his mom learning how to text. He also makes fun of Siri not being able to understand him talk. He is adorable and clean, which makes him fun and interesting to watch.


The judges are proud of him and think he has a likable personality.


Dustin Tavella: His audition act told the story of adopting his son. This time, it is about life being messy, with Howie and his kids helping. It involves cards, a book and other goodies. It is cute and fun….and most of all, the kids have a fun memory!


The judges enjoy his storytelling and think he has a chance to make it to the finals.


1aChord: They cover REM’s Everybody Hurts and I am here for it! I feel like I was transported to middle school again. This is by far my favorite act  of the night so far. Their Boyz II Men vibe make it that much better.


The judges think it is heavenly and magical.


Gina Brillon: Her comedy routine focuses on life as a woman in the Bronx and names she was called as a kid. She seems sweet and relaxed. It is almost like being out with the funny friend of your group who always knows how to make people laugh.


The judges enjoyed her, but Simon sensed she was nervous tonight.


Gangstagrass: Rapping meets bluegrass. It is something I never expected to ever see, let alone enjoy so much….but here we are.

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It is a mixed bag from the judges, who find it enjoyable, but underwhelming.


Sethward: He is a joke act that auditioned four times in the past to make it to where he is now—on stage. The act is confusing, but those costumes are amazing.


The judges are also confused, with Simon calling it ‘bloody awful.’


Matt Johnson: He is an escape artist who uses a chain saw to do his stunt….I have no clue what he is supposed to accomplish, but if this act fails, he dies. Thankfully, he is okay!


The judges are just glad he lived.


Jimmie Herrod: He was Sofia’s golden buzzer act and sings Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka. He has a beautiful voice and I am curious to see what he does next.


Sofia is over the moon, while everyone else agrees he is amazing.


Results tomorrow, stay tuned!



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