The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for A Pretty Meltdown

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for A Pretty Meltdown

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for A Pretty Meltdown

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo picks up where we left off last week…with the ‘ugly leather pants’ debacle.

The women comfort Sutton and encourage her to talk it out with Crystal.

Garcelle and Erika also talk to Crystal about egging Sutton on. However, Crystal and Sutton continue to fight. Sutton says Crystal hurt her, while Crystal calls her awkward and inappropriate.

Sutton also snarks that Crystal is wearing pleather….ha!

Crystal is sorry is Sutton is hurt that she called her manic. Lisa says that she should not apologize unless she means it….and that this should go into the non-apology apology hall of fame.


Four days later, Kyle, Kathy and Dorit all test positive for COVID, so now everyone must quarantine.

During the second week of quarantine, the news breaks that Erika and Tom are being sued for fraud. They are also accused of embezzling money from victims of a plane crash and that the divorce is a sham to hide money.

Kyle thinks Erika is innocent until proven guilty….which is pretty rich considering the fiasco with Denise last season.

Erika explains the lawsuit to Lisa and Kyle via video chat, telling them (and the producers) that there could be a criminal investigation and explains that since she filed for divorce, Tom won’t help her pay legal fees.

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She also refuses to answer questions from the producers regarding the suits.

The ladies offer her support…which again, where was this with Denise last season? They bullied her off the show for an alleged lesbian affair, but are siding with someone accused of fraud and embezzling money from plane crash victims?


Lisa and Crystal come over to comfort Erika in her new house. She calls it her small bungalow and REALLY? It kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth because she is complaining about her living situation during a pandemic and when she is being accused of embezzlement.

Erika says she is seeing a psychiatrist and says she is upset about things in the news and that she is NOT hiding any assets in her ‘small bungalow.’ She also says Tom is bringing everyone down and that he made a mess for them to clean.

They offer her advice on how to handle her financial situation because now she is on her own. Erika says Tom always shut her out and there was no way she could have done anything differently.

Garcelle visits Kyle social distance style to talk about a girls’ trip. Kyle promises it is safe since she, Dorit and Kathy are better. She also says that she assumes Erika will be there

The topic switches to the divorce and that they think Erika divorced Tom when she found out what he was doing. Garcelle sympathizes by saying she knows how husbands can hide things pretty well.

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Lisa talks to Delilah and her boyfriend Eyal, who she met via sliding into his DMs. She shows her some vintage dresses, including one Versace made her when she was pregnant with Delilah. Lisa says Delilah can come get them before Amelia so she can be the cooler child. She also claims there is no favorite child.

Kyle goes to visit Kathy to go through knick knacks. She is upset over getting COVID and feeling like she is not a good mom, especially since Portia seems to be suffering during the pandemic and with socializing.

Sutton meets up with her daughter Porter and Lisa for lunch. They talk about Dorit being ready to be out of quarantine and how she misses her kids. Lisa had gone to visit her the day before and how the kids are suffering.

During lunch, Porter and Lisa talk about being in the same sorority and how Porter should meet up with Amelia. Porter quips that her mom is setting her up on a play date and that she was very strict growing up.

Sutton says she had a dress code, made her say please and thank you, call adults Mr. and Mrs. and that she had a curfew…so what most kids had. She says that she wanted her kids to be kids for as long as possible, which is why she had those rules.


Later on, Kyle and Erika talk about what is happening. Erika cannot wait to tell her own side of the story and that she is in a very lonely place right now. She continues to defend herself and that she is in an ‘unenviable’ position right now because people are turning on her and giving her grief.

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She also hopes Tom is okay, despite what is going on and how she was treated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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