Tribeca Film Festival: The Final Roundup

Tribeca Film Festival: The Final Roundup

Tribeca Film Festival: The Final Roundup

The Tribeca Film Festival has drawn to a close, but we are not done celebrating here at TVGrapevine. Here is a look at our final roundup of movies for you to check out as they become available.

GraceLand: This is the age-old story of a mom and her daughter who claims to be the king of rock ‘n roll: Elvis Presley. Prissy (Anna Camp) works hard to create a ‘normal’ life for her family in Charleston, South Carolina. Her home is perfectly appointed, she serves only healthy breakfasts, and chooses the best schools for her child. But tensions run high when on the first day of fourth grade her daughter Grace (played by newcomer Katie Beth West) claims to be the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

Circus Person: Ava (Britt Lower) is a square. When her fiancé admits to loving a free spirit named Luna (Jess Marks), Ava joins a local circus in an act of wild abandon. But the heartache isn’t easily rinsed off, and starts to feed her fear that she’s not cut out for being “wild too.” Wrestling with envy and imposter syndrome, Ava tests out a letter addressed to ‘the other woman.’ In a surprise moment of reckoning under the full moon, Ava discovers her own version of wild. Live action and animated body-paint interweave in this ode to healing through radical love.

The One and Only Dick Gregory: In writer-director Andre Gaines’ directorial debut “The One and Only Dick Gregory,” extraordinary archival footage and new interviews put a spotlight on this icon’s journey from influential comedian to on-the-ground activist — which is discussed by modern legends including Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Wanda Sykes , along with commentary from Harry Belafonte, W. Kamau Bell, Lawrence O’Donnell, Gregory’s wife Lillian Gregory, Medgar Evers’ wife Dr. Myrlie Evers-Williams, and others. Most essential is Dick Gregory himself, whose insights before he died in 2017 provide a crucial through line to what Gregory gave voice to during the Civil Rights era — and which continue to be vital today.

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Bitchin’: The Sound and Fury of Rick James: This is the first feature-length, premium documentary to tell the story of the legendary funkster’s extraordinary and tumultuous life, times and musical legacy.

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