The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Defining Women

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Defining Women

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Defining Women

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo opens with the women going about their everyday activities….Lisa is working on a commercial for Project Angel Food, Dorit is bantering with PK and Crystal is with Kyle.



Sutton takes Erika out to the spa to help her prepare for her newly single life….complete with junk food, a ride in a Bentley and champagne. As they enjoy their time together, they bond over their divorces and what it was like to be married to very powerful men.

One of the spa workers comes in to take them to their spa treatments. One of them is a freezing cold room, followed by the sauna.

Erika continues to talk about her divorce and how her marriage was so different than everyone else’s in the group. She thanks Sutton for the wonderful day and being such a good supporter.



Crystal does kickboxing with her trainer. She discusses how her body image changes depending on how much she works out.

Her daughter Zoe comes out, complaining that she does not want to shower. She comments on how everyone calls her a mini-Crystal and how her parenting might be different than how she was raised.

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After Garcelle finishes her day at work, she makes dinner for her sons Jaid and Jax. As she prepares dinner with her nanny Glenda, she asks her sons how they would feel if she were to get married again.

She wants what is best for them, but also wants to be happy. They both let her know they would not be happy with it, so she respects their wishes….unless Brad Pitt comes knocking.



Erika and Lisa talk about the fact that Tom might be involved with someone else. She thinks it is possible, but doesn’t seem to care that much.

Lisa then tells Erika that her daughter Amelia is dating Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick. She says they seemed to be just friends at first, but now it seems to be more.

The ladies both admit they are nervous about the entire situation, especially due to the age difference. Lisa doesn’t want to bring attention to it and hopes that it is just a phase.

Their day continues at a Christmas shop, where they look at decorations while wearing Santa hats. Lisa admits she is upset that she cannot see her mom during Christmas due to COVID.

Kyle calls and asks them to meet for drinks after she is done with her mani-pedi.



Kyle has dinner with her family. Her youngest daughter Portia is in a bad mood, which Kyle chalks up to things being difficult in her life.

Kyle tries to make things better for her, so she surprises her with a visit from her sisters Alexia and Sophia. Portia is thrilled about it and screams in delight…even though she cannot hug them due to COVID.

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Everyone gets ready to party together. Erika and Lisa ride over together, discussing the food they preordered. Lisa ordered tacos, while Erika ordered steak and potatoes, even though she has been eating steak the past few days.

Crystal drives over with Kathy, while Sutton and Kyle carpool.

As everyone arrives, they order drinks and mingle. Dorit happily shows off her new designer outfit, which Garcelle admires.



The ladies begin to nibble on appetizers when Lisa brings up the Amelia/Scott situation. She wonders if she needs to call him Lord and agrees with Kyle that he is way too old.

Garcelle then talks about her son Oliver, who suffered from addiction. She says that he finally got himself straightened out when he became a father, so Lisa should not judge a book by its cover.



Over dinner, Sutton teases Garcelle about her dating life. It seems to be light fun…until the whole Tahoe debacle comes up again. Kyle thinks that Crystal using the word violated was a bit much, but Crystal defines the word to make it clear she is right in the situation.

The conversation becomes a big debate on if this was a violation and if it was intentional. Dorit wants them to move on, but Crystal won’t stop talking about it and how she thinks Sutton should have reacted.


Sutton says she thought Crystal said to come in, which was an honest mistake. She is now getting angry and warns Crystal to watch it.

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Crystal and Sutton begin to fight again. Sutton says Crystal is exaggerating and she never acted like Mr. Poppins, leaving everyone wondering who he is and how he fits into the fight.

Sutton tells her she will take some time to get over the accusation, while Crystal refuses to back down.


More next week, stay tuned!


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