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THE PERFECT DAVID (El Perfecto David) Premieres at Tribeca

THE PERFECT DAVID (El Perfecto David) premieres at Tribeca this week and we have some news on what to expect. Check out more information on the movie below!

THE PERFECT DAVID (El Perfecto David) Premieres at Tribeca

At sixteen, David is much like any teenager, but his boyish good looks rest upon a hulking, muscular body. His weightlifting obsession is driven by his mother Juana, a troubled artist whose only goal is to have her son reach physical perfection by his seventeenth birthday. With countless hours spent at a grungy gym in the company of a motley clique of pumped-up gym rats, David desperately searches for what it means to be a man. With his birthday approaching, Juana demands growth at any cost. Soon David’s cohorts offer him dangerous chemical shortcuts, sending the teen spiraling into a cycle of physical and emotional torment. Pushed in every direction by adults who only take and trapped inside a body that is growing to freakish proportions, David rages against this brutally imposed armor. And his only way out is to stop being perfect.


THE PERFECT DAVID (El Perfecto David) Premieres at Tribeca

Felipe Gomez Aparicio delivers a visually stunning and provocative character-driven drama in The Perfect David. With enveloping atmospheric cinematography and a pulsating score, Aparicio’s narrative masterfully explores the manipulation and toxicity generated between the determined David and his controlling and perfectionist mother—who has substantial stakes in having her son reach peak physique. The film delivers expertly controlled performances from its leads through a disturbing exploration of the darker reaches of body image—that builds to a startling and deeply unsettling climax.

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