Sammi’s Favorite Things: Give Them Lala by Lala Kent

Sammi's Favorite Things: Give Them Lala by Lala Kent

I am a HUGE fan of reality TV, not only because it is (ironically) an escape from my real life, but because covering the genre got me my start as a journalist. From competition shows to Housewives, I love it ALL!

One of my favorite reality shows is Vanderpump Rules. I began watching for Lisa Vanderpump and stayed for the cast members and their drama. This led to me reading every book written by the cast, with the most recent being Give Them Lala by Lala Kent.

The blonde beauty joined the cast in season four and has been a fixture on the show ever since. Her give no f**ks attitude and personality quickly made her a fan favorite an unforgettable part of the cast. I quickly became a fan myself, so I was excited to check out her memoir, which was released earlier this month.

Give Them Lala gives a deep, raw insight on the life of Lauren from Salt Lake City and how she became the Lala we all know and love. She talks about being bullied as a child, her move to LA and how the death of her father forever changed her life. (Spoiler: get tissues for that section!) She also discusses how her battle with alcoholism almost destroyed her life and her journey to become sober.

Lala also discusses meeting her husband Randall Emmett, becoming pregnant with her daughter Ocean and how her past relationships led to her finding the love of her life. There is also a lot talk about what really happened behind the scenes of Vanderpump Rules, including the real story behind the infamous pasta incident.

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Prior to reading Give Them Lala, I knew I was a fan, but now Lala Kent is someone I respect and can relate to on many different levels. Her book is not only a must read for fans, but for any woman who has had to face battles of love, loss and everything in between while trying to stay strong. Lala proved there is more to her than meets the eye and fans can look forward to seeing her in a whole new light.

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