ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Miss Diagnosis

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Miss Diagnosis

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Miss Diagnosis

The episode opens with Gideon (Darryl Stephens), Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) and Drew (Thomas Middleditch) in the cafeteria getting snacks before dialysis. Jerry offers to put it on his card, if they will give him the cash. He is getting points for a trip to Bora Bora. Drew realizes he forgot his ginger ale and tells the guys he will meet them upstairs.


When he goes to get his drink, a young woman (Rosa Salazar) is there to get her own ginger ale. They both grab the last one and flirt while trying to figure out who gets it. Drew lets her have it and ends up with a date.


Drew goes upstairs to share the news about this unexpected turn of events. Gideon tells him to be himself and not overthink things, while Samantha (Briga Heelan) tells him that is the worst idea ever. Drew puts Gideon’s advice into his phone with the time 6pm-?. Samantha continues to be snarky, while they debate on whether or not Drew should tell her about his failing kidney. Jerry points out he will get pity sex, which still counts.


Eli (Terrence Terrell) walks in, saying that he is up for a sportscasting job. Everyone is excited, but Drew turns the topic back to himself.


Later on, Eli goes to see Gina (Annaleigh Ashford). Norma (Linda Lavin) answers the door and says the man of their dreams is here. Eli quips that they could have run away together had she not said anything.

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Drew and Eli show off their new clothes and talk about Drew’s date. Eli reminds him not to mention the dialysis.


Adriana and Drew bond during their date while deciding what to eat. Adriana wants to begin with dessert and says she can because the dessert police aren’t there. She quips that if they do come, to say she at all her green beans. Drew also decides to get dessert first and they bond over making someday be today. This leads to them going home together and hooking up. He ends up confessing about dialysis and she seems to be fine with it, so they continue to hook up.


The next morning, Norma is making breakfast with Gina when Eli walks in. Gina wants to help him prepare for the audition, so she has him practice. However, she thinks he needs more swagger and to stand out from everyone else.


Drew comes in, all smiles after the night he had with Adriana. The others tease him about it when he gets a text from her, saying that while she had a good time, she doesn’t want things to go further. Everyone feels bad as he sadly leaves. However, Eli and Gina debate on whether honesty was the best policy in this case.


Later on that day, Gina continues to help Eli prepare for the audition by pretending to be a newscaster. He does his sports section, which includes a section called ‘hell, nah.’ Gina has fun with it and makes him feel more confident about his audition.

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Drew comes in, still heartbroken over Adriana. They try to make him feel better, but it isn’t working.


At the hospital, Drew sadly stares at his ginger ale. Samantha asks if he is going to buy it or not. He decides against it and talks to her about what happened. As they talk, Adriana comes by. Drew tries to hide, but it doesn’t work since he is hiding behind glass.


Samantha leaves and Adriana confesses she has cancer. She thinks it is too much with both of them being sick and walks away. Samantha notices and puts her arm around him as they walk to dialysis. She is sympathetic, but cannot resist teasing him about the sex.


Eli comes to Gina’s to wait for news on the job. He thinks his audition goes well, but his agent calls and says while they loved him, they decided to go in another direction. He tells Gina he needed the job because he is broke and spent all his money helping others. She says she isn’t going anywhere and kisses him.


Drew tells Norma and Gina about Adriana, who encourage him to tell her he is there for her and the cancer won’t change how he feels.


The episode ends with him dressed as a jester and asking her for another chance. She says yes and they seal it with a kiss.

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