ICYMI: The Unicorn Recap for In Memory Of

ICYMI: The Unicorn Recap for In Memory Of

ICYMI: The Unicorn Recap for In Memory Of

The episode opens with Forrest (Rob Corddry), Ben (Omar Benson Miller) and Wade (Walton Goggins) watching a game and yelling at the TV. As they argue over the game, Delia (Michaela Watkins) and Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson)  come  in with some news for Wade. Delia calls Grace (Ruby Jay) and Natalie (Makenzie Moss) into the room as well because she wants them to hear what she has to say.


It turns out the school is painting a mural in Jill’s honor. Wade thanks her and she tells him that he will be speaking at the ceremony. He isn’t sure about it and the guys think he will choke.


Forrest brings Addie to Michelle’s to sell chocolate for band. She is a bit shy about doing it, but Forrest reassures her that this is Michelle and she won’t say no. As she goes to talk to Michelle, Forrest and Ben discuss the contest and how the winner will get to be principal for a day. Ben says Noah is in the contest this year and is a natural salesman that is sure to win.


Meanwhile. Addie convinces Michelle to buy candy bars, despite the fact that she is the competition. She initially decides to buy three, but when Addie says they are very sweet, she changes her order to one. Forrest says that this is what integrity looks like.


Noah (Devin Bright) comes home for another box of candy, saying he only made it halfway down the block before he ran out. Ben says this is what principal for a day looks like.

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Wade goes to talk to the girls about the speech in Jill’s memory. This leads to them talking about their favorite memories and the time she spent all night making them Halloween costumes. However, Natalie gets very quiet and upset as Wade and Grace giggle over things Jill used to do.


The next day at school, Noah continues to sell chocolates at volume. Wade goes to talk to Ben, who asks if he has seen the mural yet. He says not yet and that he is trying to write the speech. He says it is hard to put twenty years of memories into ten minutes. He works on reading it to his support group, who all cry and tear it apart. Noah chooses this moment to sell them chocolate, which they happoly purchase.


The next day, Wade talks to Ben and Forrest about the meeting. However, it ends up leading to a fight between Forrest and Ben, whose kids are in competition. Wade decides to go talk to Michelle and Delia about the speech, thanking them for the opportunity. Delia tells him to thank Michelle and vice versa. Wade goes outside and says this speech is going to kill him.


At work, Forrest tries to sell chocolate to his coworkers, but has no luck until he offers to buy them lunch in exchange for buying the chocolate. This gets people to buy, but Forrest tells them he will only buy something small for lunch.



The art teacher shows Delia and Michelle the mural in Jill’s honor, all the while talking about how special she was. However, the banner is some sort of abstract art that leave the women horrified. They tell the art teacher they have no words.

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Wade, Grace and Natalie go out to dinner. Grace and Wade share more memories, but Natalie is upset because she is forgetting her mom. She runs off in tears.


Delia and Michelle tell Forrest and Ben about the mural debacle, which leads to them getting into a fight about who is to blame for things getting so messed up.


Wade and Natalie have a heart to heart about Jill, with Wade telling her that she was cheated out of a mom and her feelings are justified. They hug it out.


Forrest and Ben continue to discuss the chocolate competition, with Forrest telling Ben Addie left Noah in the dust. Ben says he is glad Addie was able to get out of her comfort zone.


At the dedication, Wade keeps his speech short and sweet as the mural is unveiled. The adults seem to hate it, but it triggers Natalie’s memories. She and Grace go on stage to tell everyone stories about Jill.




The episode ends with Noah winning after all since he sold 18 boxes, while Addie sold 30 bars….or more accurately, WADE sold the bars.

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