Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/15/2020: Who Is In The Final Four?

It is another eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. Either Christmas or Memphis will go to the jury just shy of making it to the final four.


Nicole assures Christmas she is safe, while Memphis tells Cody Christmas wanted him backdoored.  Cody thinks he is lying and now wants him out of the game.


Enzo and Memphis talk about how Nicole can potentially win the game and be the first one to win the game twice. Hello, target! Enzo now wants Christmas to be a target, but Cody is still adamant that Memphis should go to jury. The plan now is to split the vote to see what Nicole does and who she saves.


Jury house time. The jurors greet Tyler with open arms and talk about what has been happening. Tyler and Da’Vonne also clear the air regarding the Black Lives Matter incident. They hug it out and come to an understanding.


The jurors also get videos from home…..Kevin from his husband, David from his Pops and dog, Ian from his girlfriend, Da’Vonne from her daughter (as an aside, I totally want those unicorn headphones), Tyler from his girlfriend and Dani from her husband, dog, cat and daughter. It is very sweet and heartwarming.


Christmas and Memphis give their final speeches before we get to the eviction.


Cody chooses to evict Memphis.

Enzo chooses to evict Memphis.


In a unanimous vote, Memphis is in the jury. He says goodbye to everyone and gives his exit interview to Julie.

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Kaysar returns to host the HOH competition, which has everyone except Nicole competing. The competition represents one of Kaysar’s most memorable Big Brother moments, but we will have to find out Monday to find out what happens. Stay tuned.

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