Leverage Reboot is Underway

The Leverage team is officially back together and ready to start production on Leverage 2.0.

August 4, the cast had the episode 1 table read.


And Gina Bellman posted this photo of the returning cast.

The table read came on the heels of a notice by Casting Network for background actors starting August 10. Usually these type of casting calls are put up the day before they’re supposed to shoot, but due to Covid-19 measures, everyone working background has to have a Covid-19 test at least four days before their working date.

However, the ramp up of excitement started on August 1 when Christian Kane posted this on his Instagram, signally Gina wasn’t the only one in town:


Although to be fair, the photo had been posted by Aldis Hodge on his InstaStory three days earlier.

Christian also encountered a gator while golfing over the weekend.Thankfully he wasn’t a snack, otherwise this would be a very different article.

Clearly, I have been stalking everyone’s social media pages.

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