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FilmRise Announces National Broadcast of Original Production “Bloodline Detectives”

This October, FilmRise, known for uniting millions of true crime fans with iconic series such as “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Forensic Files” via streaming platforms, is set to launch its own original forensic investigations series, “Bloodline Detectives,” hosted by preeminent legal analyst and renowned former prosecutor Nancy Grace.

Produced by New York-based TV and film company FilmRise and award-winning LA-based production company Peninsula Television, in partnership with Sky Studios, this fascinating documentary series takes criminal investigations to a whole new level by introducing Familial DNA Search technology. Genesis TV will syndicate the 20-episode series and it will premiere nationwide on October 3rd, 2020 on over 200 stations reaching over 88% of Americans including 19 of the top 20 TV markets (check local listings for stations and airtimes) followed by a rollout on streaming platforms in 2021.

Grace, who also executive produces with partner John Terenzio, will take viewers behind the scenes of murder investigations as detectives solve cold cases with Familial DNA Search methods. Through Familial DNA Search, detectives pinpoint an unknown criminal’s relatives and then trace the path of a family tree to reveal the killer.

Grace opens each episode by detailing a highly publicized and violent crime with unknown motives who were ultimately caught using Familial DNA Search, the ground-breaking method used to reveal the identities of notoriously elusive criminals such as The Golden State Killer and The Grim Sleeper.  Viewers are then led to the case’s resolution with the help of the forensic scientists and today’s leading detectives.

Integrating key witness testimony with new forensic and psychological expert interviews, plus reconstruction and archival footage, “Bloodline Detectives” is a study in modern and futuristic crime-solving techniques. The program demonstrates how traditional investigative methods can now be significantly enhanced by the scientific power of forensic science and how Familial DNA Search is changing the world.

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“Forensic technology is changing the way criminal investigations are conducted,” said Grace. “No doubt familial DNA will help solve cases that have remained open for decades, like those presented in ‘Bloodline Detectives,’ and will contribute to a sense of healing for victims and their families.”

Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise states, “We are perfectly positioned to bring “Bloodline Detectives” to market as our first originally produced branded series having built tremendous engagement with streaming audiences in the True Crime genre with “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Forensic Files” and other crime series from around the world.  We expect to continue to see tremendous growth in the genre across many platforms.  And, having Nancy Grace join our team for this new series is just icing on the cake. There is no better talent and true-crime personality to provide the most riveting and compelling program for this audience.”

Nancy Grace and producing partner John Terenzio, Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, Goetz Grossmann, CFO of FilmRise and Max Einhorn, VP of Acquisitions of FilmRise, and David Harvey of Peninsula Television serve as Executive Producers.

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