America’s Got Talent Recap 8/11/2020: The Live Shows Begin

Tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent is the very first featuring the live acts for the season. Due to COVID19, there is no audience, but instead just the judges and host who are social distancing. It also seems as if the acts are filmed in different parts of Universal Studios.

Terry Crews is judging, while Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Kelly Clarkson are judging. Kelly is subbing for Simon Cowell, who was injured in a biking accident over the weekend.

  1. Pork Chop Revue: I am getting Green Acres vibes from this act. It is so cute and funny. I am not sure if they will move to the next round, but I would love to see them get a show of their own somewhere. I cannot stop smiling.

The ladies love it, but Howie does not seem to be a fan.


  1. Feng E: He is also doing his act via video. I guess they all are? Anyway, this ukelele act is amazing. I never knew much about the instrument, but he is SO GOOD. I would love to see him collaborate with the harmonica kids and for them to do something on Disney or Nickelodeon. WOW. He had my jaw on the floor from start to finish.

The  judges are blown away by him, especially Kelly, who compares him to Ed Sheeran.


  1. Shaquira: Her voice is incredible, she is by far the best singer on this season, followed closely by Celina. I think she has a recording contract in her future, Vegas or no. I also think she just got herself a ticket to the finals.
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The judges find her magical and powerful, calling her voice larger than life.


  1. Simon and Maria: The diner theme is so cute. I cannot get over how well they can do those lifts. I would not be able to walk after half these moves. That lift with the split was especially impressive.

The judges were all dancing and think they are so talented and adorable.


  1. FrenchieBabyy: I am so glad he is reunited with his family. His contortionist act has a virtual reality theme and he is literally like Gumby. I have no clue how his body can do that, but WOW.

The judges think it is incredible and shocked with what he can do with his body.


  1. Bello and Annaliese: He got hurt, so Annaliese’s brother is stepping in. I am getting dizzy watching this, but WOW. I cannot imagine having to balance like this, I barely can balance on my own two feet. I would definitely want to see this in Vegas! The fire and the blindfold made it that much better.

The judges think it was insane and spectacular.


  1. Roberta Battaglia: She reminds me of a baby Alexa PenaVega. So cute and adorable.  Her voice brings tears to my eyes, I can see why Sofia gave her a Golden Buzzer act.

The judges can see her winning and hope people VOTE!


  1. Michael Yo: He nearly died of COVID and was terrified that he would die without his kids knowing how much he loves them. His act is about becoming a dad and his wife giving birth. It is funny, but so heartwarming.
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The judges love him and think he did well, despite not having an audience reaction.


  1. Double Dragon: They sing Bang bang and have a lot of sass and attitude. They are certainly fierce.

The judges love them and find them fun.Sofia even wants them to get their own show.


  1. Brett Loudermilk: This magic act has the judges involved. I am not sure how it follows social distancing, but all right. Sofia once again has to help him with the danger part by shooting him with a crossbow. If she messes up, he dies. Heidi also has a signed card that she gives him….and it magically appears after the shot.

The judges think it was even better than before.


  1. Archie Williams: He is the man who served crime he did not commit. He reads a letter written on his behalf 24 years before he was released from jail and it was proven that he was an innocent man. His performance has me SHOOKETH. I am in tears from start to finish.

The judges think he is spectacular and think that seeing him was a blessing. They hope he makes it to the next round.


Results show is tomorrow, stay tuned!

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