Baby Sitters Club Episode 8: Kristy’s Big Day

The episode opens with Kristy narrating about how grown ups cry at weddings and what it truly means to be married. It turns out she is actually doing a pretend wedding with Karen and David Michael. Karen snarks that David Michael has three first names, while David Michael says it better just be pretend. 

They are about to kiss and be pretend married when Liz comes in, asking Kristy to take them outside. Karen says they haven’t kissed and David Michael says that he hasn’t smashed a glass. Liz says it is not a Jewish wedding. David Michael says he wants to smash something because it would be cool. Liz says to take it outside. 

Kristy says it would be better if the wedding was outside. Liz says that six generations of Brewers got married in the room they are in and she doesn’t want to break tradition. She then notices the tiara Karen is wearing and says that it is for her to wear for the wedding. It belongs to Granny Brewer and came from the vault. Liz tells her that if she loses one stone from it, she will pay it off using her allowance for the next 700 years. Karen tells her it is heavily insured.

Karen and David Michael go out to play. Kristy asks Liz if she is too old for a tiara. Liz says to tell that to the queen.

A car horn honks and it is Charlie with his new car, which Kristy narrates he has been saving for since he has been toilet trained. They go out to see he actually got a BMW and not the used Corolla he was able to afford. 

Charlie, Sam and Watson show off the car, which upsets Liz, who thought they agreed on a used car, not something expensive and brand new. Watson says he paid the difference and it makes Charlie happy. He adds that Charlie worked so hard to save for a car and was able to get him a good deal. Liz just wishes they discussed it first. Watson says to think of it as a wedding gift from him to the kids…or one kid who will carpool. The family goes for a spin, but Kristy stays behind.

At the BSC meeting, Stacey and Claudia are very impressed with the car. Kristy says now Charlie and drive her around. Dawn says carpooling is good for the environment. 

Mary Anne changes the subject to the wedding. Kristy says everything is fancy and that there will be a made to order sushi bar. Claudia approves of this. Kristy adds that all the fish is labeled due to Dawn’s mom’s yellowtail allergy, even though it caused an argument with the chef. She says last year her mom was arguing with the Connecticut Water and Power company over their bill….and now everything is different and like they are in an alternate dimension. Mary Anne reminds her that this is her wedding and to let her be a princess for one day.

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Stacey says she is looking forward to a little luxury before they go to camp, changing the subject to their summer plans. All the girls are going to Camp Moosehead, except for Claudia, who is  going to the art camp at Yale with Trevor. They discuss what they are bringing and the subject of feminine products comes up. Kristy thinks they mean makeup and asks if the boys need masculine products. Stacey explains that it means pads and tampons. Kristy gets uncomfortable and says she has to go get her bridesmaids dress. Stacey asks what it looks like and Kristy says it is yellow and rustley……cutting to her at the shop saying she looks like a banana. 

Watson asks to see it and says she looks beautiful, but if she is that unhappy they can find her a new dress. The consultant says there is a new shipment of Vera Wangs and a Carolina Herrera pale blue dress that is to die for and goes to get it. She says the Thomases are moving on up in the world.

At home, Kristy is packing up her room, thinking about change when David Michael walks in, saying he cannot find his pajamas. She tells him to check his drawer, but he says everything is gone and the both of them realize they will never live in this house again. She tells him to look one more time and she will be in to tuck him in a few.

As she goes back to pack and look at pictures, she sees the light flash. It is Mary Anne, using their special code. They shout to each other through their windows, saying they will miss these moments.

The wedding day arrives with Kristy running late. She and Charlie rush to the venue and she whistles for her mom, who is upstairs getting her hair and makeup done. She tries to tell Liz about the dress change, but Liz just asks if it fits okay and that Granny Brewer loves yellow. The hair stylist says chat later. 

Dawn is at her house getting ready for the wedding when her mom walks in, asking for advice on what to wear. One she wore the night after her ex filed for divorce and the other she woe when she found out she was pregnant. Dawn asks if she has anything else, while Sharon freaks out about forgetting to feed the turtle. 

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Richard is at his own house, also asking Mary Anne what to wear and if he smells like meat. 

Kristy and Karen are getting ready for the wedding at he venue. Karen tells her she looks like Cinderella and Kristy narrates that is how she feels and now she gets why Claudia and Stacey are obsessed with clothes. 

Liz comes in and says Kristy looks beautiful, but asks what happened to the yellow dress. Karen sad she looked like a banana and Kristy said Watson let her get something else. Liz asks if there is a refund, but Kristy says no, due to the fact that the dress was altered. Karen lets it slip that this new dress is $800, causing Liz to freak out, fight with Kristy and storm out. 

Everyone arrives at the wedding. Richard looks for Sharon. Mary Anne says they are always late. Richard goes to get a drink, accidentally offering one to Mary Anne. Stacey and Claudia greet her as they help Mimi sit.

The wedding begins with Charlie and Sam (who checks out Stacey) as groomsmen, Andrew and David Michael as ring bearers and Kristy as a bridesmaid. Watson greets the guys with fist pumps and winks at Kristy. Karen comes out as a flower girl when Sharon arrives, making Richard nervous. 

Liz walks down the aisle and the wedding begins, officiated by Esme/AKA Morbidda Destiny. Karen screams and Esme/Morbidda Destiny says that Karen thinks she is a witch….and she is correct. She explains she is a spiritual practitioner and the term witch was used for women who did not conform to society, so there are a lot of witches there. Dawn and Sharon fist pump in the back. 

The ceremony begins while Kristy narrates how she remembers her mom being lonely, her dad leaving and eventually crying. Liz and Watson kiss while David Michael proudly breaks a glass.

At the reception, Kristy is met by her friends, who tell her how pretty she is. Kristy asks if they saw her mom, but they say she is doing photos. The attention then turns to Richard and Sharon together. The girls wonder if he will propose tonight. Mary Anne says that he had 1/3 of a glass of champagne, so anything can happen. 

Liz and Watson come out and have their first dance.  The girls comment on how in love they are while Claudia and Stacey wish Trevor and Toby were there. 

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Sam asks Stacey to dance. She accepts and tells Claudia not to be a baby when she asks about Toby.

Kristy keeps trying to get time with her mom, but is unable to, making her upset. 

Claudia brings Mimi Nutella cake and asks her if she is okay. Mimi says this is important and she is with people she loves. Claudia is still sad because Mimi has a bit of trouble communicating due to her stroke. 

The girls eat cake (with Stacey checking her blood sugar levels)when Mary Anne asks if Kristy is okay and did she find her mom? Kristy angrily eats her cake while Mary Anne tells her it will be okay.

Sharon and Richard come by the table. Sharon swipes a bite of cake.Dawn yells at her because it is Nutella and she is allergic to tree nuts. Kristy wonders why she was so worried about fish when she was also allergic to nuts, which is the most common allergy ever.

Dawn tells her to go get the EpiPen out of the car. Richard goes with her. Dawn jokes that her watch has ended.

Kristy suddenly runs to the restroom, where she discovers she got her first period. The girls go after her and she tells them it is her big day too. Mary Anne gives her a pad and explains how to use it. 

When she exits the restroom, the girls bond over womanhood when they hear the horn honk, signaling the departure of Liz and Watson. They almost miss each other, but Liz makes the car stop so the two of them can have a mother/daughter moment. Liz tells her she is strong and independent and she holds her to different standards than her brothers.

Kristy says she got her period and there is more bonding. The girls come up and say they took care of her. Liz and Kristy hug again and the happy couple  leaves.

Claudia says that she is going to camp with them because she wants to be with her friends. 

The episode ends with more dancing and more cake. 

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