America’s Got Talent: Recap for 7/28/2020

This is Judge’s Cut week on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell will judge using social distancing and watching acts via video. Terry Crews is also hosting, using social distancing protocols. 

After a montage of the acts who made it to this round, we get down to business. 

Celina is a YES. She cries and hugs her little dog in happiness. 

Jennifer and Daiquiri the dog are cut and breaks everyone’s heart because she is so upset. Hopefully she can come back for the wildcard round.

Malik is a YES!

Broken Roots is sent home. 

Several more acts make it through, but it is hard to tell who they are because they don’t name names and it goes too fast. 

More acts get maybes, so they will need to perform again. 

Ashley is sent home.

Thomas and Noah are yeses. 

Double Dragons are a yes and probably scare the living daylights out of their neighbors.

Alan is a yes, as is Brett, Bonevega, Pork Chop Revue, Alex and Usama. 

We get another montage of  acts making it through, including Vincent and Archie.

The ten maybe acts will perform again to fight for the five remaining spots. It is going to be hard due to the pandemic, but the judges promise to try and help in any way they can. 

Instead of buzzers, they have X signs to hold up.

Simon and Maria: They are the kid salsa dancing duo. Those jumps and lifts are making me dizzy! However, they have amazing talent and can give some of the pro ballroom dancers what for. I was smiling from start to finish. The judges adore them and think they are better than before. 

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Craig Reid: He is a hula hooper who auditioned via video. His act has dancing, hula hooping and a whole lot of spirit. Heidi is even dancing along. The judges find it fun and find it above and beyond. 

Max Major: He does an act involving photographs of the judges and Terry. He asks Simon some questions and puts cards over each person he feels connections with. The cards match up with each person and his hidden envelope reveals all the answers to his questions. 

Shaquira: She is a country singer who goes for a ballad-type song tonight. She kind of reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. Her voice gives me chills. WOW. The judges think she commanded the room and that she has an incredible talent. 

Ty Barnett: He is the ‘dad’ comedian who performs in his garage. He continues joking about his life as a dad, leaving everyone in stitches. The judges think he is what the world needs right now.

Brothers Gage: They are a harmonica duo who play party Anthem by LMFAO. This is so different and so fun…I feel like they would be amazing doing those shows in Disney Springs….or better yet, having their own show. Their humor in the package just sweetens the act. The judges like them, but the judges warn them that there is tough competition.

Nolan Neal: He is adorable and kind of reminds me of Bert from Big Bang Theory. His voice is captivating and I want to see more. The judges say he made their job that much harder.

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Ryan Tricks: He is a magician and mentalist. Alesha Dixon from BGT helps him, since he once competed on that show. He has her imagine someone she texts on a regular basis and writes her friend’s name (Nicola) on his hand. He then has her imagine sending her a message and has it appear on her phone. The judges are blown away. 

Ninja Twins: They sing a song and dance around what looks like a party….then jump in a pool. It is mesmerizing to say the least. The judges find them entertaining and crazy. 

Jonathan Goodwin: He is a danger act that involves a full water cup being poured on his head, Howie Mandel and a loaded crossbow being show at a balloon next to his partner. the second part involves water being put into bottles with crossbows on top. The water will fill into the bottles, trigger the crossbows and shoot at him…blindfolded. He somehow bobs and weaves to avoid being shot. The judges think it is nuts and are a bit shaken up. 


Simon and Maria: YES

Craig: NO

Brothers Gage: NO

Jonathan: YES

Shaquira: YES

Dragon Twins: NO

Ryan: NO

Ty: NO

Nolan: YES


More next week, stay tuned. 

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