Introducing Revry TV

As the premier livestreaming platform on the PlayStation®4 , PlayStation® VR, and Android TV, Littlstar has teamed up with Revry, the first LGBTQ+ virtual cable network, to launch the first VR streaming channel for the queer community during this season of Pride.
The announcement comes as Revry continues a major distribution expansion across virtual cable and OTT both domestically and internationally. The Revry channel on the Littlstar platform will provide viewers an exclusive and unparalleled virtual experience.
“Littlstar is excited to partner with Revry to redefine how LGBTQ+ audiences view content,” said Tony Mugavero, CEO & Co-Founder of Littlstar. “Viewers can now interact with each other remotely in virtual reality, or if there is no VR headset available they can live stream it directly to their TV via PlayStation®4 which currently reaches over 100M homes. We are combining immersive and traditional streaming in ways that have never been done before, and we’re thrilled to be doing that with Revry–a network that is innovative, forward thinking, and the perfect mix of loud, fun, and genuine. The world has never needed more of all of those things than right now”.
Littlstar is the largest global platform dedicated to immersive virtual and augmented reality content and is one of the most used non-gaming applications on the PlayStation®4 with plans to roll out the content to other major devices later this year. The platform itself is one of the few to offer traditional 2D videos, virtual reality, 360° videos, holograms, and augmented reality.
Littlstar offers a custom virtual reality environment on the Revry channel that they created for viewers to experience. “Littlstar believes in championing marginalized voices,” said Brooklyn Earick, Littlstar’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Working with a global brand like Revry, that authentically represents the internationally diverse LGBTQIA community, gives us the opportunity to support the intersection of great entertainment and extraordinary impact.”
You can watch Revry via Littlstar on Playstation 4, iOS, Android TV and the company’s dedicated live streaming page.
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