America’s Got Talent 15: Who Got The First Golden Buzzer?

It is season fifteen of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and it promises to be quite an interesting season. Due to the COVID19 pandemic there were many changes, so I am curious to see where this goes in terms of auditions and live shows. Sofia Vergara joins the judges table, along with Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, who is back after a short hiatus. 

Pork Chop Revue: This is a pig version of the dog acts we are used to from past seasons. It is like AGT meets Green Acres. It is wild, fun and it is a refreshing change from previous animal acts. I love how Heidi has to kiss one of the pigs. I am quite impressed….and not at all surprised they are unanimously sent to the next round. 

Bad Salsa: This is a dance act consisting of a 15 year old and 20 year old partnered together. They are like the Houghs on steroids. I am literally obsessed and so is everyone watching….everyone has smiles, jaws on the ground and in awe. Those lifts and tosses and moves…holy cannoli. It is no shock they are in the next round. 

Wee have a dancing Whoopie Cushion act….who gets rejected.

Broken Roots: This is a pair of country singers who just bring cheers and tears to the room….WOW. I cannot believe these two men never performed together before. 

It is such a beautiful, touching performance and I literally cannot stop crying.  The performance, their friendship, all they went through…..all of it is making me cry. These are the talented men of AGT….and of the next round. 

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Malik DOPE Drummer: He is someone who worked hard to get here and even faced death (due to a car accident) to ry and make his dreams come true. This act is DOPE! The drumming, his hip movement, that spirit…..there is no way he is not going to the live shows. He reminds me of Michael B Jordan circa 2000s….when he was on All My Children. He is on to the next round. 

Ryan Tricks: Ryan is an English mind reader and magician who stars in the BBC 3 series Ryan Tricks on the Streets and Dirty Tricks. He also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. He does a card trick with Simon and Howie, which goes into a mentalist trick that makes a cookie appear. He is on to the next round. 

Archie Williams: He went to prison for a crime he did not commit and was only released last years he to DNA evidence. His story is so heartbreaking but his strength is to be admired. His voice is incredible and has me in tears. WOW. I think he secured a place in the finals with this performance. WOW. Every single person is in tears. He makes it to the next round. Heidi is right, this is one powerful performance. 

He is wearing a Scream type mask and dancing. It reminds me of something I would see at closing time in a bar. He is sent home. 

We get a montage of rejected acts and then see Michael, who does a sock puppet singing act. He gets rejected as well. 

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Double Dragon: These twins do a rendition of It’s raining men that has everyone screaming cheering and on their feet. WOW. It was fun, flirty and fantastic. They are onto the next round. 

Vincent Marcus: He does a rapping version of nursery rhymes WITH IMPRESSIONS OF RAPPERS and I think I legit may be in love with this dude. If he doesn’t win, he can at least make kids laugh? He is onto the next round. 

Moses: This is some kind of contortionist danger act that has me covering my eyes and flinching,but still peeking because it is awesome….and because Moses is HOT. I am not sure how he can top this, but since he made it to round two, we are about to find out. 

Voices of Our City Choir: This is a choir that has people of all ages who have faced homelessness and want to help those facing it. They remind me of Voices of Service from last season and WHOA….they have me in tears A-GAIN tonight. 



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