40 by 40 With Sammi: Item 21, Recipes 2 and 3

This week, I have done not one, but TWO recipes in my cook every recipe in a cookbook Julie and Julia challenge. I will admit, they were the simplest recipes in the book, but they were completed nonetheless. 

The first was a simple bacon recipe. Put bacon in pan and fry. (Or bake if you prefer).  Simplest thing ever! It was added as part of his breakfast portion of the book and is supposed to be paired with the eggs. However, I wanted a BLT and used the bacon for that instead. 

The second one was the fruit platter. Again, it was simple, but what I like about this book is he is realistic and knows not everyone has time for cooking all the time.  Hence, this recipe, which consisted of apples, bananas, grapes and peanut butter on a plate,topped with honey. All you do is chop everything up, drizzle honey on top and dip in the peanut butter. I added fresh oranges to mine and you can add more or less fruit, depending on what you want. It is perfect for a light lunch or afternoon snack. 

Next time, I promise to do a more in depth recipe from his book. Stay tuned!

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