True Crime Favorites to Watch

Need something to watch this weekend? Are you a true crime addict? Here are some  suggestions, courtesy of Susan J. Lewis, Ph.D!

As we head forge ahead in isolation and have watched all of our favorite TV series backwards and forwards, forensic psychologist and attorney Susan J. Lewis, Ph.D., J.D., has compiled a list of her top true-crime documentaries to keep you investigating this weekend.

  • The Staircase – Fall down the stairs, blow poke or owl? You decide.
  • OJ Made in America – The life of OJ Simpson and trial of the century. For those of us who lived through/watched the trial, those who may have been too young to get all of it, and for the younger folks who missed the whole thing.
  • Mommy Dead and Dearest – Munchausen’s by Proxy gone even farther than you can believe.
  • Capturing The Friedmans – Father and son arrested on molestation charges. Dad definitely has problems. Son likely framed. Family took home movies during the trial which are featured.
  • Crazy Love – If he can’t have her, nobody can. Guy gets girl, girl breaks up with guy. Acid attack. Love ensues? The title really says it all.
  • The Jinx – Every family has one. Timely as Robert Durst is currently on trial for issues raised in the film. The ultimate hot mic moment.
  • Paradise Lost Trilogy – You may have heard about the West Memphis Three. This is their story. It’s really about the murder of 3 little boys and how three teenagers were railroaded. Warning: graphic crime scene images.
  • Abducted In Plain Sight – A young girl is abducted by the same predator. Twice. The same predator who had relationships with her parents.
  • The Imposter – A French man poses as a grown-up missing Texan child. He just happens to look nothing like the kid and is from a different continent.
  • Who Took Johnny – Johnny Gosch was abducted while delivering papers in the early 80s. The film explores something called the Franklin Credit Scandal. Be prepared to fall down a rabbit hole.
  • The Keepers – The investigation of the 1969 murder of teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik. Notable for showing the lasting impacts of teachers.
  • The Cheshire Murders – A devastating examination of 2007 Cheshire, CT home invasion.
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