Gimme snacks

As you may know, I am a big snacker and always like looking for new things to try. I also like to be healthy (for the most part) and try to find things snacks that are low in fat and calories and still tasty.

Enter gimMe Snacks. These incredible seaweed snacks are a favorite of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and prove that you don’t have to sacrifice taste when you want to cut out junk food. While eating seaweed may sound odd, it is actually delicious. This particular brand comes in several flavors, including teriyaki and olive oil and taste like light, crunchy chips. They also offer Nori, which is perfect for making sushi at home.

My personal favorite is the olive oil flavor. Each package is low in calories, yet filling enough to satisfy my appetite between meals.

These tasty treats can be found on Amazon or your local grocery store. Check out for more information.

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