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Mark Rober, a former NASA Engineer turned YouTube phenom, is famous for his pop-science and DIY gadget videos – most notably a glitter bomb trap that received viral acclaim, avenging victims of doorstep delivery theft. He also starred in Discovery’s Shark Week special “Shark Rober” and #TeamTrees with the goal to plant 20 million trees by 2020. Today, he announced his return to Discovery with REVENGE OF THE NERD (w/t), an all-new series premiering in 2020 on Discovery from Jimmy Kimmel’s production company Kimmelot.


REVENGE OF THE NERD (w/t) is far from your typical prank show. Each week, Rober and his team of “Avengineers” will attempt to right the world of wrong-doing. Executive producers Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Rober will scour the planet to catch troublemakers in the act – seeking revenge in the form of over-the-top pranks that will all be captured by hidden cameras.


“I grew up watching Discovery Channel so the thought of me having my own show is crazy for me comprehend,” said Mark Rober. “As my YouTube channel has grown the past few years, I’ve had some BIG ideas that are too big to pull off on my own. Now, partnering with Discovery and Jimmy means it’s all fair game.”

“The passion that comes through in the incredibly smart content Mark creates made us immediate fans of his,” said Scott Lewers, EVP of Multi-Platform Programming, Live Events and Network Strategy, Discovery, Science and Animal Planet. “His natural curiosity and drive is infectious – that, coupled with Jimmy’s sensibility for fun and humor is what we’re excited to bring to our audience.”

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The team will identify troublemakers and brainstorm ways to “get” them as well as build ingenious devices to execute their master plans. But not everyone proves to be out for themselves – with hidden cameras also capturing the kind and generous acts of good Samaritans.


Whether it’s taking on bike bandits in the act or dog walkers who don’t clean up after their pets, Rober and his team of “Avengineers” will stop at nothing to take down the worst offenders and bring justice by using the powers of ingenuity, science and engineering. But they also will reward those who do the right thing – showing heartfelt moments with people trying to do the right thing and make the world a better place.


REVENGE OF THE NERD (W/T) is produced for Discovery Channel by Kimmelot. For Kimmelot, Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Rober and Scott Lonker are executive producers. ITV America’s David George and Karen Kunkel Young also serve as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Scott Lewers and Joseph Boyle are executive producers.


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