Nadia Sahari

Celebrity Spotlight: Nadia Sahari

Nadia Sahari is a bombshell who is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. The Friday Night Lights alum turned radio host is continuing to take the world by storm by helping women find their inner power. 

The Breakaway author knows all too well what it is like to face hardships in life (Out of respect for her, the specifics have been redacted) and how to rise from the ashes. Her goal in 2020 is to say that time is up on women suffering. She wants them to find their power and live the life they deserve and have always wanted. The plan is to start a video show where she takes calls and helps people work through their problems, particularly when it comes to past abuse. they are not alone. 

Nadia believes that once women find their power and fall in love with who they are and forgive themselves, they can break the cycle of being in bad, abusive relationships.  Her hope is that they lose the baggage and forgive themselves for the past, eventually getting the life and mates they deserve. It is  because of people like her that women have a voice and that they are able to stand up for themselves when faced with unacceptable behavior.

Nadia is a wonderful role model for women and will continue to be one with her outspoken personality and desire to help others. I look forward to witnessing what she does next!

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Author: Sammi Turano
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