Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/26/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise begins with everyone chilling on the island. John Paul Jones and Tayshia seem to be hitting if off the most. She says she definitely sees a future with him. 

Tahzjuan from Colton’s season comes to the island, and surprise, Blake has no idea who she is. She introduces herself and starts deciding who she wants to take on a date. She goes after John Paul Jones, who accepts after Tayshia tells him not to put his eggs in one basket. 

Their date is cute and fun. She got her name partly from her parents calling her Tahz and because her dad’s name is Juan Carlos. She teases him about eating the date food. She says that if he vomits on her they will take a shower together.  They go into the water, despite the fact that he also has tummy issues. 

Everyone else is talking about worst kisses at a bonfire.

Caelynn talks to Wells and some of the others about Dean and his reputation.  Demi tells her to be objective. She is encouraging, but tells her that she shouldn’t want someone who can’t be serious. They talk later on and seem to be getting closer, however, she seems confused and guarded. 

Tahzjuan talks about her date and says it was fun and that she feels a connection between them. 

Haley from Ben H’s season comes on with a date card. Everyone is surprised she is there without her sister. I’m guessing Emily has a boyfriend? 

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Anyway, she takes John Paul Jones out on a date, upsetting Tahzjuan. He is tired when he agrees to go and it is hilarious. 

Their date is consists of horseback riding on the beach and getting to know each other, in more ways than one. 

Tahzjuan has a breakdown and is seen by medics. She asks for guacamole while being checked out, so ok? She keeps freaking out and eating, which worries everyone. The girls try to encourage her, but she keeps freaking out. 

John Paul Jones and Haley talk about the date and Tahzjuan gets upset and insults Haley. 

Haley is not a happy bunny. 

John Paul Jones tells Tahzjuan that he is keeping his options open. At least he is honest?

Tayshia talks to Derek and helps him figure out what he wants. 

Cocktail party time! Everyone mingles as the girls set their minds on getting roses. Kristian is confused about what to do. Kristina is inserting herself between Caitlin and Blake, upsetting Caitlin. 

Basically, all I got from this so far is Caitlin’s eye makeup looks awesome.

John Paul Jones goes between his ladies when Tahzjuan calls Haley a pigeon and herself a seagull. Haley is not happy and John Paul Jones is confused. He likes them, but his feelings for Tayshia are stronger. 

However, Tayshia is bonding with Derek.

Dean helps Caelynn celebrate her birthday.

Chris and Jen bond, upsetting Katie and leaving him confused.

Rose ceremony!! 

Demi gives one to Kristian. 

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Blake gives one to Hannah.

Clay gives one to Nicole.

Mike gives one to Sydney. 

Dean gives one to Caelynn.

Blake gives one to Kristina.

Derek gives one to Tayshia.

John Paul Jones to Haley.

Chris to Katie.

Tahzjuan, Jen and Caitlin go home. 

More tomorrow, stay tuned. 

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