Sammi’s Favorite Things: Underwood Movie

It is no secret that I LOVE movies. One of my favorite things in the world to do is spend my weekends discovering new genres of movies with good company and a good glass of wine.

I recently discovered a brand new movie on Amazon Prime called Underwood, which was created by John McLoughlin. The movie was made on a very limited budget, but it is hard to tell due to the hard work, creativity and passion that went into every aspect of the movie.

The movie follows the life of Samantha, who is staying at a cabin that may be haunted by an unhappy presence. She discovers a chest of letters, which leads to her having dreams and possibly being haunted herself. It is a movie filled with twists, turns and excitement up until the nail biting end!


Indie filmmaker John McLoughlin,  a 2017 Suncoast Emmy Award nominee is proud to announce the release of  his epic feature length ghost story/ thriller  titled “Underwood” on AMAZON PRIME in June 2019.

The most recognizable industry name appearing in this powerful micro-budget thrill ride is 89 year old grindhouse filmmaking legend William Grefe. After decades as a writer, director and producer working with top industry names, Bill agreed to play a major acting role in the film after reading McLoughlin’s original screenplay.  Grefe who is best known as a writer/director himself has enjoyed decades of success making his own indie features- several that have achieved cult status  such as “Mako-Jaws of Death”  “Stanley” and “Death Curse of Tartu”. Grefe’s knowledge and mentorship served as a priceless asset the young indie crew of “Underwood” offering everything from lighting tips, camera angles and a lifetime of great filmmaking stories that kept the cast and crew in stitches on some long and tiresome shooting nights. “Underwood” was shot over a 5 year period  in central Florida. Like all micorbudgets,  McLoughlin faced some daunting setbacks including cast health issues, cameras getting stolen from set mid shoot, and even the loss of cast member and friend, Fernando Rio. Such obstacles could easily derail a project that doesn’t have the funds to recover however McLoughlin and his crew kept at it and found creative ways around some complicated shots as well as conquering the constant distractions a 5 year project will create for continuity and moral.  But  you would never know it, the film looks and feels like it all takes place over 48 hours seamlessly thanks to the hard work and commitment of everyone involved.

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The film also stars former Playboy model Michelle McCurry and “A Brilliant Monster” lead Dennis Friebe whose star is quickly rising in Hollywood. “Underwood” it is FAR from a little art house indie film. This film looks and feels like a million dollar studio release complete with BIG action – including fights, chases, car crashes, gun shots, ghosts, drowning scenes, numerous VFX shots and a really big surprise twist inspired by films like Creepshow, and The Twilight Zone.

Since the JUNE 2019 Amazon Prime launch “Underwood” is on track to reach over 1000,000 views in under two months on the Amazon platform keeping pace with some major studio releases thus far.  Itunes, Google and other major platforms will be added in coming weeks.

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Author: Sammi Turano
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