Game of Thrones: To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe?


Game of Thrones is premiering in four days… do you plan to watch? Some will watch on HBO, but for those without it,  there  is always the option of streaming. However, is it worth it for one show? Here are some stats:

New Data: Would Americans subscribe to a streaming video service to watch just ONE TV series?

32% would in order to watch Game of Thrones

In a new streaming video survey* from ExpressVPN:

  • 37% of Americans said they would not subscribe to a streaming video service to watch just one TV series
  • 32% would subscribe to a streaming video service just to watch Game of Thrones
  • 22% would for Stranger Things
  • 20% would to watch the new Twilight Zone.

For the streaming TV series Americans are most looking forward to watching in 2019, 42% said Stranger Things, just ahead of 40% for Game of Thrones and 30% for Twilight Zone.

83% of Americans use streaming video services:
Additionally, 65% of Americans said they use Netflix to watch streaming video content most often, followed by Amazon Prime (41%), Hulu (36%), YouTube TV (26%), HBO Now (13%), Showtime (10%) and CBS All Access (9%). Only 17% said they do not use streaming video services.

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