Wallethub Analyst Jill Gonzalez Talks March Madness

Wallethub, which is famous for discussing the best and worst cities for events throughout the year, recently took on March Madness. They released an article about the best and worst cities for college basketball fans….and March Madness.
To celebrate the iconic tournament, we interviewed analyst Jill Gonzalez.
What exactly is March madness?
“March Madness is one of the biggest, most exciting events in sports, the NCAA college men’s basketball tournament. 68 teams compete in seven rounds for the single-elimination national championship. March Madness started in 1939 and it has been held every year since.”
How are the best and worst cities determined?
“We determined the best and worst by crunching the numbers on 289 cities, using nine metrics. These range from the number of teams and performance level to number of coaches and stadium capacity.”
Do they change from year to year?
“Yes, they do, depending on how the metrics differ. For example, any change in team performance, fan engagement and even ticket price can improve or lower the rank of a city from year to year.”
What teams are you rooting for this year?
“Villanova again! I’m a Philly fan.”
How is a March  madness winner determined?
“68 teams are entered in the tournament. They play against each other in seven single-elimination rounds, until only one team is standing.”
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