Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich Talks to TVGrapevine

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich is well known as a facial  plastic surgeon.  He most recently made news for gifting celebrities with over $30,000 worth of services at the Oscars.  Celebrities like Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone and Lady Gaga were treated to services such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, injectables/fillers and Botox, just to name a few.  

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,  Dr. Vasyukevich talked about the benefits of several of the services he offered in the gift bag. The New York City  based surgeon says that if you are going to start  taking care of your skin, the most important thing to do is make sure you have a good skincare regimen.  He then says that if people want more, they can slowly add treatments. He recommends starting with Botox and fillers every three to six months as desired or needed. 

He then recommends lifts and peels if people are ready for a more intense treatment.  He says that there aren’t as many side effects that people think, but with lifts, there can be some bruising afterwards. However, he recommends that patients do their homework and talk to a doctor before getting  any kind of treatment.

However,  the best and most important thing about Dr. Vasyukevich has nothing to do with his work in the field of plastic surgery. It is his kind heart and the way he genuinely cares. I may have only gotten a few minutes with him, but in those few minutes, I got to know an amazing man. He truly wants what is best for each of his patients and to make them look and feel their very best.  He may be helping people look and feel more beautiful on the outside, but he proved that his inner beauty makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

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Author: Sammi Turano
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