Sopranos Alum Vincent Pastore Talks to TVGrapevine

Vincent Pastore is one of the nicest, most talented men in Hollywood today. His personality, stature and on screen presence make him a man of tremendous power and strength. Seeing him act on TV is incredible, but getting to speak with him is a blessing and an honor.

TVGrapevine recently got the wonderful news that Vincent will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the New York City International Film Festival on March 1st. To celebrate this momentous moment in his career, he took time out of his busy schedule to talk to me in an exclusive, one on one interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.


Vincent admits that it was quite a shock to find out he had gotten the Lifetime Achievement award. He found out in a very surprising way, but was happy nonetheless. He thinks it is a huge honor to have won such a prestigious award and is looking forward to receiving it.


In addition to being honored at the festival, Vincent will also debut two short films. The first one is called The Kid’s Menu and stars Vincent, Nyle Lynn and Mario Macaluso. The movie is an eleven minute short that tells the story of Pete and Kat, two Brooklyn-bred people of different generations clashing over a popular New York novelty…PIZZA! It is something that Vincent is very proud to have made and been a part of and he is excited to see how people react at the festival.

The second movie is a short called St. Joseph. This movie takes place in New Jersey and tells the story of Italian neighbors who are polar opposites of one another….and drive each other crazy. Vincent appears alongside Anthony Magano and Kathrina Miccio in the film. He spoke very highly of everyone involved and hopes that people enjoy watching it as much as he enjoyed making it.

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The biggest question on my mind, of course, had to do with The Sopranos! As fans know, his character Big Pussy was killed after it was revealed that he was ‘a rat.’ However,what would have happened had Big Pussy lived? Vincent says the answer for that is easy. He would be living in Arizona in the witness protection program and working as a car salesman.

In addition, Vincent said that there is a prequel coming out. Although he is not a part of it, he is curious to see what they do.


Fans would be surprised to know that Vincent is actually more of a rock and roller than the wise guys he plays on TV and movies. He loves to play music and even performs in various places in New York.

Another amazing thing about Vincent is his huge heart. He is very loyal and supportive of his friends and their work and speaks very highly of both. He even spent Oscar night cheering for his friend who was involved in Green Book, which ended up winning for Best Picture. His career may be amazing and he may be one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood, but it is his heart and loyalty which make him truly amazing.

Stay tuned for more projects from Vincent in the future.

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