Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 2, 2019

It is night eight of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. Joey Lawrence and Kandi Burruss are on the block, Tom Green is HOH. Tamar Braxton has a power to save herself, thanks to America.

Before we determine who goes home, we have to do the Veto Competition. Tom, Joey, Kandi, Natalie Eva Marie, LoLo Jones and Dina Lohan compete in a football themed game. They go against each other two by two.

LoLo vs. Dina—LoLo wins

Tom vs. Joey—Tom wins

Kandi vs. Tom—Tom wins

Natalie vs Tom—Natalie wins

Natalie vs. LoLo Natalie wins

Natalie wins and decides to not use the POV, despite the plan Tom had in place to backdoor Ricky Williams. He tried to get the girls in on it, but they wanted to save Ricky because he helped him in the past. This leads to a lot of fighting and Team Fun falling apart. LoLo even curses out Tom and Kato Kaelin before they all storm out.

Eviction time! In a unanimous vote, Joey is evicted. He admits he didn’t know about the game but loved everything about it, despite the drama. He also correctly guesses that the Patriots and Rams are in the Super Bowl. He quips he should have gone to Vegas instead.

More Monday! Stay tuned.

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