Celebrity Big Brother Recap for January 28, 2019

Tonight is night six of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. Last night, we saw Kato Kaelin win HOH, more alliances be formed, Ryan Lochte get scared of being evicted and a huge fight between LoLo Jones and Tamar Braxton. We also saw Dina Lohan and Tamar get put on the block. The drama will only continue tonight.

Neither woman is happy about being nominated, but Kato has a plan to backdoor Ryan. Dina says that the best player will in. Tamar is pissed that Kato told her to clean up and that she needs to be home with he son. She is screaming and in tears. The two of them get into a fight. Kato tries to say they all need to clean up, but Tamar is not hearing any of it.

Joey Lawrence tells Kato not to take her bait.

Dina is in tears, but he tells her she will survive. His plan is to win POV, take her off the block and backdoor Ryan.

Tamar is still complaining. The girls plan to play for her. She and Kato talk things out and promises to discuss things after the veto…..because he can’t tell her the plan is to actually get rid of Ryan.

Kato also talks to LoLo about a new alliance and she keeps screaming PIVOT and all I can think of is Ross on Friends. They get together with Natalie and Tom and plan to backdoor and vote out Ryan. They think he is too good and that he is the biggest threat.

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As they talk, Ryan pops his head out and they think he overheard the plan. They plan to not be seen in the house too much, but Ryan already knows what is going on. So now he is planning to win POV and recruits Joey to help him. They talk to Kato and feel that they are now targets, making them want to win POV that much more.

Kato, Tamar, Dina, Tom, Natalie and Joey are playing for POV. The game is a rolling game to see who wins the most money. The one with the most money will win.

Tom wins (after a tie breaker with Tamar) and now must decide what to do.

Tom decides to save Dina. Kato decides to put Ryan on the block.

Eviction time!

Tamar and Ryan give their final speeches to save themselves.

Joey: Tamar

Tom: Ryan

LoLo: Ryan

Dina: Ryan

Kandi: Ryan

Ricky: Ryan

Natalie: Ryan

In a vote of 6-1, Ryan is evicted from the Big Brother household.

Everyone is full of emotion. I have no clue why LoLo is crying because I thought she didn’t like him anymore.

Ryan tells Julie he made some mistakes with the original alliance, especially when it came to LoLo and Natalie. He gives some final thoughts and cannot wait to come back for the finale.

America can vote for a power that allows one houseguest to save themselves.

More Wednesday! Stay tuned!

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