Sammi’s Favorite Things: Debra Messing and Colgate Optic White

Will and Grace actress  recently did an event for Colgate Optic White to discuss her secrets for looking and feeling fabulous at 50.

Beauty Tips from Debra Messing:

· Stay Hydrated

o “I’m sure you have heard this before, but water is your friend! I drink a ton of water and really have noticed my skin improving because of that.”

· Eat Clean

o “To maintain my very busy lifestyle, I am really committed to eating clean. I’ve cut out sugar, dairy, coffee, alcohol and gluten, to name a few and really feel much more energized!”

· Use Beauty Products That Work

o “When it comes to beauty products, I don’t mess around with anything that doesn’t work – who has time for that?! As a busy working mom, I look for products that give me results and one of my go-to products is Colgate Optic White…I have been using the brand for years and can tell you it’s really helped me keep my teeth white and bright!”

· Less is More

o “When it comes to makeup, I say less is more! I wear very little makeup when I’m not working. As I’ve aged, I’ve really embraced going natural. My go-to’s include tinted sunscreen, a little concealer, mascara and a light lipstick. If you want your smile to really pop, use a blue based lipstick.”

· Embrace You!

o “When I was younger I was afraid my curly hair made me stand out too much and would spend endless hours blow drying my hair to fit in. Thank goodness I finally realized that my curly hair makes me, me – and I love my curls now!”

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