Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 25, 2018

This is the Celebrity Big Brother finale on CBS! Tonight, either Ross, Marissa, Mark, Ari or Omarosa will become the show’s first winner. When we last left off, James and Brandi were evicted in a double elimination. What will happen tonight? We are about to find out!

We open with the HOH competition that will change everything. It is a ski themed one, where everyone is balancing on skis in the air over snow.

Ross wins and now he has to choose two people to be nominated for eviction.

He gets really emotional talking about what this means to him, especially because he was the ‘fat gay kid’ growing up. He never thought anything like this could happen for him and it really melts my heart to see him get so emotional.

He chooses Omarosa and Ari, but promises that she isn’t the target.

Omarosa plans to fight hard for the veto. She also finds it funny the two of them nominated each other twice.

The POV competition match stories to the days they happened. They go one at a time and Ross wins.

Ross decided not to use the POV. Omarosa gives a sweet message to Ari being a believer and that she envisions her in the final four.

Both ladies give their final speech as to why they should stay.

Marissa chooses to evict Omarosa.

Mark chooses to evict Omarosa.

Omarosa is evicted from the house. She says goodbye and she is actually very sweet to everyone. I have to say, she was pretty cool on this show. I didn’t watch the feeds, but on the episodes, she seemed cool for the most part.

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She says they did the right thing evicting her, especially since she got rid of James. She is thrilled to have been a part of the show and then talks a bit about her time on the White House.

HOH competition is some sort of hashtag game that involves things evicted contestants have said.

There is a three way tie between Ross, Mark and Marissa, which Marissa wins. She is the final HOH.

Now Marissa has to evict two houseguests. Everyone pleads their cases before she chooses her final two partner. She decides to choose Ross because he helped her get this far.

Mark and Ari are evicted and say their goodbyes. They chat with Julie for awhile before we get to the final two showdown.

All the evicted contestants return to chat with Julie and question the last two competitiors. There are hugs and kisses all around when the final three jurors come out.

Brandi asks about their regrets in playing the game. Marissa says it was making moves to protect others.  Ross says his biggest regret was being naive too early in the game.

James asks if it was important to stay true to their word while playing the game. Ross says you my have to pivot, but you have to stay true to character.  Marissa says she always meant what she said when she said it at the time.

Shannon asks Marissa why she should win, Marissa says she did a lot with Ross and while she wanted to work with the girls, she still listened to him. Ross says he sometimes put aside his game to be compassionate.

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Omarosa asks how their strategy changed and what was their biggest lie. Marissa says her strategy never changed, but her biggest lie was telling Chuck she had no idea what was going on the morning he was evicted.  Ross says he never changed his strategy, nor did he lie. He just didn’t tell the whole truth.

The two finalists then give their final pleas on why they should win.

The jury will put a key in the box of the person they want to win. Everyone goes in the order they are evicted and give a small speech saying why they choose the person they did to win.

Julie has to tell them to stop talking while they wait to vote.

The jurors talk about what they saw on TV when they went home and Marissa apologizes to Shannon. The rest of it is stuff we already know, so I’m not recapping that.

Time to find out who wins and who voted for whom.









Marissa wins Celebrity Big Brother! There is confetti, hugs and kisses all around. Her son runs to hug her and Mark brings her her husband. It is very sweet and I think she is happier to see her son than winning.

America’s Favorite Houseguest is Ross!

Thanks for watching! Goodnight!

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