Hey Olympic fans! Here is an updated  look at who won medals so far at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. TVGrapevine will continue to bring you winners, country medal counts and news as it becomes available.

Day Six


Biathlon, men's individual

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade, France
  • Silver: Erik Lesser, Germany
  • Bronze: Evgeniy Garanichev, Russia


Freestyle Skiing, Men's Slope Style

  • Gold: Josh Christensen, USA
  • Silver: Gus Kenworthy, USA
  •  Bronze: Nicholas Goepper, USA


Crosscountry, Ladies 10km Classic

  • Gold: Justyna Kowalczyk, Poland
  • Silver: Charlotte Kalla, Sweden
  • Bronze: Therese Johaug, Norway 


  • Short Track, Ladies 500m
  • Gold: Li Jianrou, China
  • Silver: Arianna Fontana, Italy
  • Bronze: Park Seung-Hi, Korea


Day Five

  • Snowboarding, women's halfpipe
  • Gold: Kaitlyn Farrington, USA
  • Silver: Torah Bright, Australia
  • Bronze: Kelly Clark, USA


  • Figure skating, pairs
  • Gold: Trankov/Volosozhar, Russia
  • Silver: Stolbova/Klimov, Russia
  • Bronze: Savchenko/Szolkowy, Germany


  • Speed skating, men's 1000m
  • Gold: Stefan Groothuis, Netherlands
  • Silver: Denny Morrison, Canada
  • Bronze: Michel Mulder, Netherlands


  • Alpine skiing, women's downhill
  • Gold: Tina Maze, Slovenia (tie)
  • Gold: Dominique Gisin, Switzerland (tie)
  • Bronze: Lara Gut, Switzerland


  • Nordic combined, individual
  • Gold: Eric Frenzel, Germany
  • Silver: Akito Watabe, Japan
  • Bronze: Magnus Krog, Norway


  • Luge, men's doubles
  • Gold: Germany
  • Silver: Austria
  • Bronze: Latvia


Day Four

Ski jumping, women's normal hill

  • Gold: Carina Vogt, Germany
  • Silver: Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Austria
  • Bronze: Colina Mattel, France


Snowboarding, men's halfpipe

  • Gold: Iouri Podladtchikov, Switzerland
  • Silver: Ayumu Hirano, Japan
  • Bronze: Taku Hiraoka, Japan


Luge, women's singles

  • Gold: Natalie Geisenberger, Germany
  • Silver: Tatjana Hufner, Germany
  • Bronze: Erin Hamlin, USA


Freestyle skiing, women's slopestyle

  • Gold: Dara Howell, Canada
  • Silver: Devin Logan, USA
  • Bronze: Kim Lamarre, Canada


Day Three

Freestyle skiing, men's moguls

  • Gold: Alex Bilodeau, Canada
  • Silver: Mikael Kingsburg, Canada
  • Bronze: Alexandr Smyshlyaev, Russia


Speed skating, men's 500 m

  • Gold: Michael Mulder, Netherlands
  • Silver: Jan Smeekens, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Ronald Mulder, Netherlands


Alpine skiing, women's super combined

  • Gold: Maria Hoefl-Riesch, Germany
  • Silver: Nicole Hosp, Austria
  • Bronze: Julia Mancuso, USA


Short track speedskating, men's 1500m

  • Gold: Charles Hamelin, Canada
  • Silver: Tianyu Han, China
  • Bronze: Victor An, Russia


Biathlon, men's pursuit

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade, France
  • Silver: Ondrej Moravec, Czech Republic
  • Bronze: Jean Guilliaume Beatrix, France


Day Two

Ski Jumping, men's normal hill individual

  • Gold: Kamil Sotch, Poland
  • Silver: Peter Prevc, Slovakia
  • Bronze: Anders Bardal, Norway


Biathalon, women's 7.5 km sprint

  • Gold: Anastasiya Kuzmina, Slovakia
  • Silver: Olga Vilukhina, Russia
  • Vita Semerenko, Ukraine


Luge, Men's

  • Gold: Felix Loch, Germany
  • Silver: Albert Demtschenko, Russia
  • Bronze: Armin Zoeggeler, Italy


Figure skating, team event

  • Gold: Russia
  • Silver: Canada
  • Bronze: USA


Alpine skiing, men's downhill

  • Gold: Mattias Mayer, Austria
  • Silver: Christof Innerhofer, Italy
  • Bronze: Kjetil Jansrud, Norway


Snowboarding, women's slopestyle

  • Gold: Jamie Anderson, USA
  • Silver: Enni Rukajarvi, Finland
  • Bronze: Jenny Jones, Great Britain


Cross-country skiing, men's skiathlon

  • Gold: Dario Cologna, Switzerland
  • Silver: Marcus Hellner, Sweden
  • Bronze: Marin Johnsrud Sundby, Norway


Speed skating, women's 3000m

  • Gold: Irene Wust, Netherlands
  • Silver: Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic
  • Bronze: Olga Graf, Russia


 Day One

Biathlon, men's sprint

  • Gold: Ole Einer Bjoerndalen, Norway
  • Silver: Dominik Landertinger, Austria
  • Bronze: Jaroslav Soukup, Czech Republic


Cross-country skiing, women's skiathlon

  • Gold: Marit Bjoergen, Norway
  • Silver: Carlotte Kalla, Sweden
  • Bronze: Heidi Weng, Norway


Freestyle skiing, women's moguls

  • Gold: Justine Dufour-Lapointe, Canada
  • Silver: Chloe Dufour-Lapointe, Canada
  • Bronze: Hannah Kearney, USA


Snowboarding, men's slopestyle

  • Gold: Sage Kotsenburg, USA
  • Silver: Staale Sandbech, Norway
  • Bronze: Mark McMorris, Canada


Speedskating, men's 5000m

  • Gold: Sven Kramer, Netherlands
  • Silver: Jan Blokhuijsen, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Jorrit Bergsma, Netherlands



Norway:   13 medals. four gold, three silver and six bronze.

USA: 12 medals. four gold, two silver, six bronze.

Netherlands: 12 medals. four gold, three silver, five bronze.

Russian Fed: 11 medals. two gold, five silver,  four bronze.

Canada: 10 medals. four gold, four silver, two bronze

Germany: 10 medals. seven gold, two silver, one bronze.

Austria: 5 medals. one gold, four silver.

Sweden:5 medals.  four silver, one bronze.

Switzerland: 4 medals. three gold, one bronze.

Slovenia: 4 medals.one gold, one silver, two bronze.

France: 4 medals. two gold, two bronze.

China: 3 medals. two gold, one silver. 

Czech Republic: 3 medals. two silver, one bronze.

Japan: 3 medals. two silver, one bronze.

Italy: 3 medals. two silver, one bronze.

Latvia: 2 medals. twobronze

Poland: 2 medals. two gold.

Korea: 2 medals. 1 gold, one bronze.

Belarus: 1 medal. one gold.

Slovokia: 1 medal. one gold.

Australia: 1 medal. one silver.

Finland: 1 medal. one silver.

Great Britain: 1 medal. one bronze

Ukraine: 1 medal. one bronze


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