Big Brother 15: Recap For July 18, 2013

Big Brother 15: Recap For July 18, 2013Big Brother 15

Recap For July 18, 2013

By honeySC

Julie Chen welcomes us to the live eviction show on Big Brother 15.  Jeremy, Spencer, and Aaryn are all on the block and one of them will be evicted tonight.  Julie tells us that this has been an eye opening week in the house as the hunters have now become the hunted.  

Helen is so excited that Kaitlin used the veto and they have Jeremy on the block.  Although Aaryn is a target, Jeremy has been a bully and is a fierce competitor and Helen hopes to see her plan through to completion.  

Aaryn says that Jeremy is being discriminated against because he is a winner.  Aaryn says that people hate people who are winners and who are cute.  She wants to light a fire under Jeremy's bootie.  Jeremy wants to make the house laugh, and he puts on the baby outfit and heads outside to win over some hearts. Amanda says that seeing Jeremy out there in a baby outfit meant that he either wanted to campaign or breast feed, and thankfully he just wanted to campaign.  He approaches Amanda and McCrae and promises them his votes and loyalty until the end.  

Aaryn decides to charm the house and she goes about saying nice things to people.  She tells Howard that she didn't say anything with a mean spirit.  She spends the day being nice and later tells Judd that it isn't easy to be nice to everyone and she deserves to be acknowledged for that.  

The group is tired of GinaMarie's attachment to Nick and his belongings.  They hide the treasures that GinaMarie had made into a shrine for him. When she discovers that Nick's cup and hat are missing she goes on a hunt and confronts Aaryn, who denies knowing where they are.  Amanda sees GinaMarie crying and helps her claim her things.  Aaryn tells her not to do it.  Later Amanda tells McCrae that she had to do it when GinaMarie was so upset, and Aaryn is mean spirited in her treatment of GinaMarie.

Jeremy continues to campaign to Helen and Elissa.  He offers to ally with them and run to the end, even to the point of putting up Aaryn or Kaitlin for eviction over them.  Helen is impressed with Jeremy and both she and Elissa comment that had they seen this Jeremy the first few days in the house they would have liked him and wanted him as an ally.  Neither of them take him up on his offer during their talk with him.

Julie joins us again and goes to the living room with the houseguests.  Elissa says she is enjoying this week in the Big Brother house not being on the block for the first time.  Candice says that they have moved on beyond the bed flipping in the house and in the spirit of forgiveness.  Howard says that being a man of faith and playing this game is hard but some things have happened that have cleared his conscience.  

Julie leads in to comments from McCrea and Amanda's parentss on their unlikely union in the house. McCrae's dad says that Amanda has her looks and age over McCrea.  He says that his son is a unique individual and played a lot of sports.  His mother says that she was surprised that Amanda crawled right into bed with him.  What is a guy to do?  Amanda's mom says that she has dated a lot of different guys and she hopes that she will not overpower him.  Her mother hopes that secretly McCrea is the CEO of a technology company.  She says a mother can hope.

Julie offers each nominee the chance to make a last plea.  Jeremy says that he enjoyed playing with them and he is a champion even when he eats, sleeps, and poops.  Aaryn says that she is glad for the chance to be here and will respect whatever they do.  Spencer thanks his railroad, his girlfriend, and hopes that he gets to continue rolling with them.  

The votes:
Candice votes to evict Jeremy.
Andy votes to evict Jeremy.
Howard votes to evict Jeremy.
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy.
Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer.
GinaMarie votes to evict Jeremy.
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy.
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy.
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy.
Judd votes to evict Jeremy.
BB15 july18 jeremy evicted
Julie announces that by a vote of 9-1-0 Jeremy has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.  Jeremy hugs everyone and Aaryn hugs Kaitlin.  He asks for his princess to hug her and tells her that two months ain't that long and to play hard. Jeremy leaves to some good clapping from the audience.  Kaitlin holds it together to watch Jeremy's photo go black and white.  

Julie asks Jeremy if his cockiness is a reason for being in the seat here tonight and he says that he was warned not to come in guns blazing, and he is not a loser, but a winner.  He says that he walked in one man and is walking out a different man, a bit humbled.  Jeremy says that his image makes him come off as a bully, but if someone smaller said it it would not come off that way.  Julie asks him how he has grown.  He says that he has learned that there is a lot he needs to work on, inside, and will take it all in and be humble about it.

McCrae says that he got arrogant and he was the reason he broke up the moving company.  Elissa says that there is nothing to say to him.  Helen says that he was strong and that was the reason he is going.  Kaitlin tells him that she will miss him.  Jeremy says that he fell hard for Kaitlin and he wants her there to bring home the check to daddy.  

Instead of MVP this week, America gets to vote for the houseguest who will be the third nominee.  You can vote by text message or at cbs.com.  The Head of Household and the two Head of Household nominees are not eligible, and in the case of America choosing nominees who are already on the block, the next highest in votes will be selected.  

We are taken outside for the Head of Household competition.  The game is called "Royalty." Which houseguest does America think fits the name?

Earl of Egotism;  Aaryn or Jessie   Aaryn, all right.
Lord of Laziness: Judd or McCrae  McCrae and Andy, Amanda, Candice and Elissa are out.
Baron of Boneheads: Spencer or GinaMarie  GinaMarie, all correct.
Knight of Naughtiness:  Amanda or Kaitlin, Amanda, all correct.
Duke of Dork:  Andy or Helen, Andy and Aaryn, Jessie, GinaMarie down.
Sultan of Sexy:  Elissa or Howard, Elissa and Howard, Spencer are down.
BB15 Judd Wins HoH
Judd, Kaitlin, McCrae are left.
TIebreaker and it is a number, closest and not over wins.
Gallons of Milk in all three vats: 1000+ gallons, and Judd is closest with 650.  McCrae had 600 and Kaitlin had somewhere in the 400's.

Judd is the new Big Brother 15 Head of Household!

 Julie says that she is going to stir up the house when she drops a hint that all is not as it seems to be with this week's Big Brother MVP.  She tells the houseguests that there will be a secret MVP will be putting up their third houseguest, but they might want to expect the unexpected.  You can see puzzlement on their faces.  

Join Big Brother 15 on Sunday on CBS for nominations, and to learn who will be Have Nots for the week.

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