BB15 Updates "America's Favorite Player" 6:30-7;00 PM BBT Monday 8-12-13

BB15 Updates "America's Favorite Player" 6:30-7;00 PM BBT Monday 8-12-13

Outside: Andy is running around with his fly swatter. Elissa and Spencer are doing amazing Candace impressions. Elissa says that she thinks America’s favorite player will go to her, and Andy grunts in disgust. Spencer says that is one of his thoughts. Helen doesn’t think she could get it because she doesn’t find herself funny. (I think Helen is the only possible choice for AFP. Andy says they may wait for Jessie to leave because she has nervous breakdowns. Elissa has started to zing. Andy thinks he has killed around 13 flies today.

Rainbow Room: McCrae and Amanda are in one bed and Jessie is in another. Spencer goes over to change the laundry.

Outside: Elissa says that she would like to be the female Zingbot. She wants to be zingtastic. Andy doesn’t know what to do for his workout. Andy says he is going to do the elliptical. They are speculating over what Nick’s job really was. Andy wonders when they laughed the hardest in the house. Spencer says it was when Andy joked that Judd was Elmer’s Fudd’s son. They talk about the Marry, F&*k, Kill, Frame for Murder and Put on Death Row Game. Elissa can’t get off the fact that everytime she is framed for murder and Put on Death Row. Helen says that she laughed the hardest at Spencer’s stories. Elissa says she laughs the hardest at Andy.

Rainbow Room: McCrae and Amanda are still sleeping.

Outside: Elissa wonders why her zings weren’t the funniest. They say that Elissa and Judd probably laugh the most. Helen falls asleep on the couch. Andy supposedly tricked them into a Margarita Party. Spencer says that it would be cool for this to be his backyard. Andy keeps talking about the Wrap Party. They are talking about BB’s call outs to the houseguests. They change the topic to Howard. They think all he was just a Christian man

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