Big Brother 15 Updates “I Can’t Stand You Right Now” 8:30 PM BBT, Tuesday, 7-30-13

Big Brother 15 Updates “I Can’t Stand You Right Now” 8:30 PM BBT, Tuesday, 7-30-13

Parlor: Amanda and McCrae are arguing about Amanda playing a personal game. They bicker back and forth in front of Aaryn.  Amanda says go talk to Andy. Hereeeees Andy. Aaryn asks about the look. Andy says she was just checking on you. Aaryn leaves Andy says Helen is nothing to worry about. McCrae says you need to stop pushing Spencer over Candice you have to give her something; she helped us out sooo much. Amanda says we have helped her too. McCrae says she could be working with Judd. Amanda says I can’t stand you right now and leaves. Andy says she’ll be fine. McCrae says I trust 100% aaryn but she has been working with Judd for a while. They talk about backdooring Judd because he is super dangerous. McCrae says Amanda needs to give she can’t keep pushing otherwise Aaryn will look to someone else that will give her what she wanted.  

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Kitchen: Amanda and Aaryn are talking about food.  Spencer is called to the DR, he walks through. Amanda continue the conversation with Aaryn in the kitchen and throwing McCrae under the bus. Candice walks through. Conversation stops.

Parlor: They are talking about Judd lying all the time. They don’t trust Judd, as long as Aaryn doesn’t say anything to him. Andy agrees Aaryn would be the only one to tell him, but Judd wouldn’t tell us if he knew. Judd walks in. Conversation turns to Howard.  Andy says just so you know Spencer asked me about the secret alliance so he will ask you too. Just a heads up I guess you could blame Howard. Andy leaves. McCrae says I am pissed off right now I can’t wait to send him home.  SILENCE

Kitchen: Aaryn says the longer she is here the more time she has to get in good with them. Amanda says everybody hate her. Aaryn says no she wouldn’t be out there doing that if she wasn’t hated. They both say that neither are listening to the other. Aaryn says she is dangerous. Andy walks over. Andy says depending on who gets HOH either Candice or Spencer go home. Andy tries to convince Aaryn that Helen would put up Candice. Aaryn says I am just stressed. I know this is good for me in the long run but she is going to be here for another week to terrorize. Andy says don’t worry about it, trust me. Helen walks in then GM walks in. Aaryn heads upstairs.

Amanda and Andy head into the Parlor where Judd leaves and Andy relays about Aaryn freaking out about Judd staying. Andy and Amanda talk about Aaryn’s paranoia, They talk about who Spencer and Candice would put up if they won HOH.

HOH room: Aaryn is telling Spencer and GM everything . She doesn’t understand how everyone can hang out with Candice but I can’t hang out with you. I just don’t understand how she can go back to being best friends.  She is on the block and it is my HOH and she won’t even go home. Everyone believes what she said about me.

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