Big Brother 15 Updates, Suspicious of Judd 11:30 pm BBT Monday 7-29-13

Big Brother 15 Updates, Suspicious of Judd 11:30 pm BBT Monday 7-29-13

Patio: Amanda and McCrae decided to go play chess. Elissa talking about being in love and proposed after one year. Spencer says it is unreasonable to expect a proposal after only a year, three years is more like it. Elissa says we were basically married anyone, we were 100 percent committed to each other. Judd returns. Elissa says because of my religious beliefs, I wouldn't live with him before marriage.

HOH: McCrae and Amanda are snuggling in the HOH bed... oops, their bed. McCrae says I'm worried. Aaryn says are you really. He says yes, at worst I think it will be a tie vote, but, idunno...McCrea says if she goes home it will be f*ing crazy, I'll do stupid shit, idunno, Judd says she would have to go sometimes. I said but not now, but iduuno. Amanda says did he devise this? McCrae says no.... idunno... I'll talk to GM. Aaryn says I was talking to GM and she said something weird was going on in the house. Amanda says Jessie is solid, told her to talk to Andy. McCrae says at worst a 4-4 tie... and idunno, I'll make a deal with her. Aaryn says you don't want to make a deal with her. McCrae says even if GM voted out Candice and everyone on our side Howard, then that would be one less vote for Amanda. He says four solid votes against Howard, so the best they could hope for is four (wow, math, lol) McCrae says we still have two days. Amanda says I'm going to stick on Jessie, Andy is on Helen... why was this plan even devised? McCrae says we wanted him to think it was cool if he had the coup d'etat power.

Aaryn says I walked outside and Spencer said nothing, just counting my days here. Said I'm going home next week. McCrae says he told me he would be going up every week. Amanda says Helen probably told him. Aaryn say no, I told him. I told him that we would be up every week until we go. Even if he didn't already know that, he isn't stupid.

Amanda says no one has balls in and eviction speech. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeee's Andy. Aaryn says everyone has balls till it is time, then it is scary. Amanda says Andy, who made up this master plan. He says Spencer, Howard and Judd. Andy says if it comes to a tie, he'll stand up and tell them why Howard should stay. McCrae says and I'll shout him down. Amanda says Judd is trying to really flip the house, that is why he didn't tell Jessie. He said he wants Helen out next, and that doesn't make sense. Andy says I'm getting nervous too. He says but we are all on to him. Amanda now thinks Judd is the MVP and not Howard. Andy says I feel like right before the vote Judd will go to GM and Jessie, so I'll stick right to him. Andy says even if it is 4-4, Aaryn breaks it. Amanda doesn't think GM would flip. Andy says no, she trusts me and Helen too much.

Amanda tells them that it is imperative they stay on everyone because she can't (why not?) Amanda says why did he tell McCrae that I have to go sometime, he is behind this. He wants me out for selfish reasons. McCrae says I'm going to tel lhim if Amanda goes I'm going after him. Amanda says he will blame it on Helen and Elissa. Andy says I'll have Jessie to come to me if she hears anything. Amanda says she is pissed at Candice and told me something weird is going on. I told her maybe this was a test to see if she would flip. Andy says I gained trust by telling her everything. Amanda says and why would Judd be mad about that? There is no coup d'etat. Andy says he was upset because I told you all and said oh, then I need to tell them too. Amanda says tell him he will be the next person out if he doesn't, he will be anyway, but tell him that. Andy says Spencer trusts me. Aaryn says me too. Amanda says if I get HOH he and Jessie go up together. Andy says he was sitting pretty why would he jeopardize it? Aaryn says he is looking too far down the road.

Amanda says this is unnecessary, he is an idiot. Andy says we all just need to tell him hell no, we are not getting rid of Amanda. I feel like he can say something, then laugh about it. Amanda says he is slipping all over himself about the mad up alliance. Andy tells the story of Judd's lies about the alliance to frame Kaitlin. Aaryn says to keep me, so I'm glad that he did. Andy says I trust you more than Kaitlin (first class butt kisser)

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