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The Bachelor Contestant: Kylie

The Bachelor Contestant: KylieThe Bachelor Contestant


Age: 23
Occupation: Interior Designer
Hometown: Rockford, IL
Height: 5' 8.5"
Tattoos: Four
Favorite Flower: Snap dragons
Time it takes to get ready for a big night: 1.5 hours.  45 if necessary
Favorite Board Game: Jumanji

Bachelorette Bio

Do you have any pets and if so, what kind?
One cat, Bentley.  Since childhood, we've had tons of cats, all named after cars.  I want a big loyal dog!

What is your greatest achievment to date?
I would say my greatest acheivement is being an extremely involved aunt and arranging my life to be able to help my sister with her daughters while she finishes her nursing program.

What is your biggest date fear?
Being vulnerable with someone that doesn't feel the same.

Who is your favorite artist and why?
My Grandpa.  He's passed, but I love seeing his art and trying to determine what he was thinking while creating each piece.

I hate it when my date:
1.  Is rude to the wait staff.  2. Eats less than I do.  3. Chews with his mouth open.


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