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Strong is NBC’s biggest hit of the season. The show, which airs on Thursday nights, shows women and trainers paired together to become the best they can be. One of the trainers, fan favorite Ky takes on a different approach when it comes to his training. 

Ky admits that he is not a typical trainer and doesn’t focus on showing off muscles or being ‘big and bad.’ Instead, he uses exercise as a way to gain peace from within and become one with himself. He says that working out is the only thing that helps him accomplish this and feel alive. It is something he craves on a daily basis because it makes him feel safe and be himself. 

This is what he hopes to accomplish with his clients and trainees. He knows people in today’s society focus on what they see in magazines and feel like failures if they don’t meet up to a certain standard. He wants people to know that yes, they will fail at times, but by failing they actually end up succeeding in a sense, because you are one and at the truth within you. He adds that every failure is a success, but presented in a different way.

He took this approach with his teammate Brittany on Strong. He says she represents the youth of America and at first she wasn’t sure about his unconventional approaches, especially when she saw the other teams focusing on weights and bodybuilding.  She eventually came around and understood his way of life. He had her focus on ‘flowing’ and meditating, helping her let the walls down and find her inner peace through mediation and low impact workouts. (This also included poetry and Shakesphere while working out…an approach I am going to try!) He says that by the end, it all came together. 

Thank you Ky and keep watching Strong this season! 

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