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Thursday March 30, 2017

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Big Brother 17 Updates "Big Brothers of the Past" 4:00 PM BBT, Wednesday, 9-9-15 #BB17, #BBLF

Steve talks about his head being so big and having trouble finding a hat big enough. In marching band he wore a helmet on the top of his head until his senior year when they got him one that would fit. John says that anyone who wears a Fedora all the time is a db. Then Steve says that anyone who wears sunglasses inside for extended periods of time without a migraine is a db. John points out that his brother wears one of those U shaped things, a headband when he works out since his hair is so long.

They move on to a dating show and there are ten girls and ten guys and there is a perfect match for each of them and if they find their perfect match they get million to split or something. If they find their match they get to go to a private bungalow on a private island. They have only had two seasons and they always won.

They move on to boogers and John feeling it. There is a fly in the house and now they are all upset with the fly. Liz says that you can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honey with fly. Steve credits Nicola Poe with that one and wants to listen to his music.

Steve says that no one has blown up from being on this show. Julia says that he has compared himself to Justin Beiber. John says that Jace wants to build up enough wealth to buy a space ship. Steve says that he mentioned both Disney Imagineering and Big Brother and one of them is done. Steve says that he is not into the movies, but he is into the parks. His love for Disney comes from the parks.

Steve finishes his chinese. They sing the Jase an Austin song. Steve thinks that John will do really well in the DR today for reasons he cannot elaborate. Steve says that he cannot talk about DR sessions. He says that he did not say anything about his session. They have not done goodbye messages. They say Julia shut it down. Julia stop that. John says that he is going to say Julia you are a twin and you are the best and Julia says number nine. John says that he was one of the last to know. He says that they were sitting at the kitchen table and he wondered what happened to her tooth. He thought that it was a root canal that had not been finished yet. Jason was all about they were twins.

Steve says that he will be back in a minute to clean his bowl, but he has to go for a minute. He heads up to the HOH to pour himself more kool aid. John is loud. Steve talks to himself a bit before heading back down.

John says that the reason that he did not want to vote against Jeff was so that he would not blab about the alliance they were in. It was Clay, Shelli, me, Jackie and him. Everyone knew about it anyway, but he didn't know that at the time.

They complain about the ants. Julia says that Jeff was a nice guy, but he took the twin thing too far. Steve says that he took the game thing too far. He tried to pin one on Vanessa and she wasn't having it. Jase got evicted because James was annoyed by him and John adds that he almost won the HOH. Shelli got rid of Da'Vonne for not wanting her in the alliance. Steve says that she had two chances to save herself. John says that he was supposed to throw it, but he didn't have to because she was so bad at it. Julia says that she was so worried that Liz would go because Da'Vonne was up against her. John says that he had no one to work with so he agreed to be a pawn. He says that they asked him not to use the veto and he said that it could be dicey because of the last laugh thing. Steve tells of Marcellas and how he did not use the power of veto and you could not use it to save yourself. You had to use it on someone else or not use it. The original power of veto. In the final five there was the golden one that could be used to save yourself. It was the first time you could use it to save yourself and Marcellas won it. He was close to the HOH and the argument was that Marcellas would ruin his game if he used it. He was convinced not to use it and he didn't. The first thing that was said when Julie said to him was what were you thinking and slapped him with her note cards.

It was final five and he won the veto and chose not to use it. Steve says that Lawon takes the cake. Steve says that every season he picked top five and he picked Lawon to top five and one of those five always wins.  Julie said that there was a twist coming up when someone would come back and Lawon thought that there would be a special power so he asked to be put up and voted out because he really thought that he would come back with this special power.

They move on to Porche and how she maybe won one comp, a veto. Julia thinks that it was OTEV. They talk about pairs and if your pair was evicted, you got a special pass to jury and you could not be nominated or play veto, so you basically sat around. Keith was not well liked and Porche was trusted so Rachel nominated them so Keith would be evicted and Porche would be protected.

They talk about Keith and the bacon. He was a heavy metal teddy bear and he loved bacon. He was from Hoboken. John says close to him.

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