Wednesday March 29, 2017

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It was thalidomide as I thought, Donny doesn’t know the name of it, but it was a vitamin for pregnant women in the 60’s. OH it’s Donny’s Brother!!! I am absolutely flabbergasted by Zach. He has opened Donny up about something Donny cares about and is listening and asking question, fascinated and amazed, like a little kid. Any teacher would understand how kids will ask questions with no fear of offending anyone, they just want to know. That is Zach right now. 

    Those are my thoughts, not what a flu should be if it is supposed to be about game. I think Donny’s Zing got to him. Donny says 73 and 77 his parents ages. It’s been only a year they have ever been alone together. they like having someone there. He has siblings 53 50 46 and 42. His mom told him he was an accident and he didn’t know what that meant. He got older and realized that if  you have a disabled kid you might not want to have another. Did they wrestle and stuff? Yes, but his mom would get a bit upset because if his brother got dropped he couldn’t catch himself.hahahahah Donny says teaching you don’t have to be productive, all you have to do is stand there and talk!!!! Really????? IQ it’s called people!!! of 142 Donny says (I truly do not believe in IQ scores, because finances, experiences and environment have too much affect on how you think and what you know as basic knowledge. Feel free to disagree. Many people do). And there is Blabbermouth Caleb taking over the conversation talking about the army and his brother, infantry, police work FBI he says he could do, he started working for intel. Even before that his life was dangerous. Walking the streets of Bagdhad is dangerous. Big surprise, no one has anything to say. Donny asks how long he has been in. Caleb says he doesn’t have to call in or anything but if they need him they call. (OMG I am his one upping. I think production is too they have moved away after an hour of true pleasantness in the house). Cam went to Derrick and Vic in fire room. She asks if everyone knows. Derrick scrambles, called her paranoid, doesn’t want people to think she is on the complete outs.  He says she is safe but Frankie could change his mind and put him/Derrick up instead. Contradicting himself again and telling her not to worry about it and he can’t say anything to anyone in front of her because I guess she is not supposed to be “in the know”. Ice room. Cody and Vic says obviously I”m not playing the game. He makes fun teasing her telling her what the game is all about and she is leaving the game. She asks if i”m too nice. Cody is thinking about it. She says they probably portrayed her apologizing when she won the veto. She says she feels bad for Cody. Says she will be portrayed as an idiot. He says he will be a shithead flirt. Vic says at least she must be doing something right, she is still there. Half the house gone she beat half the people that played Cody says. Talk about Zingbot and Kathy. Cody reviews the comments. Says he is not a comp beast, he is a social butterfly. Says it’s hard going into a comp when you haven’t really been in comps all season. 

{sidebar id=8} Vic says her mom is probably thinking what she is doing. Says she puts others before herself and a half mil on the line. Cody says he’d rather play a game and lose and be happy with himself than play a nasty game and win. They say Frankie is a beast/monster he will be so difficult to get out of the house. Smart and athletic.

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