Big Brother 16 Updates "Zings and Campaigns" 8:15 PM BBT, Saturday, 8-16-14 #BB16 #BBLF

Big Brother 16 Updates "Zings and Campaigns" 8:15 PM BBT, Saturday, 8-16-14 #BB16 #BBLF

Zingbot called out Christine and Cody's cuddling. She knows that Tim understands but she is worried what her family and her pastor thinks. She says that she wants to ask them not to air it.

Caleb is in the kitchen talking to Donny.  He says something about the two country boys and not winning.  Donny tells him that they have both won their competitions.  Caleb tells him good game and it was the hardest one they have done.  We're together mentally and physically, but we are both beasts. Donny says that there are other beasts too.  Caleb says apparently.  Frankie wins HOH and then takes the POV, wins the BOB by himself. He's definitely came to play. He says that nobody will ever expect it.  We could have been this whole time and no one would ever know.  He says that if he don't go home.  Caleb says that he is not going to say that they haven't had each other's back the whole time but he hasn't personally cared for him to go. He wanted her to go before him.  Donny says that he hasn't cared for him to go either. Caleb says that you understand me.  I talk to you and you understand me. Donny says that he put him on the block but I wanted you to dethrone me and you did and you put me up and we are square. Donny says that he is going to get a towel and take a shower and then we can get some chicken.

Caleb goes to the bedroom.  Donny looks up at the camera and says, "My social game? They left me, they all left me, it is not my fault. He is alone in the kitchen, with six of the houseguests in the fire room. Derrick, Victoria, Frankie, Cody, Zach, Christine all chattering about the zingbot POV.

Caleb grabs Frankie and drags him to a bed and then tosses him on the bed.  Frankie asks Caleb and Zach if they are mad at him. Caleb notes that there is fish out and Donny says that we will have fish then.  They talk about the electrical plugs and how much fun the comp was.  Caleb thinks that it will be endurance from here on out.  They were so happy when Kathy Griffin walked through the door. She did a shout out for the lgbt community.

Donny is in the shower. Frankie, Caleb and Zach talking about next week and how Frankie has all the power and he gets a promise from the two of them to win HOH for him next week. Caleb walks off and Zach asks Frankie, you're not putting me up are you? Frankie says no, of course not!

Frankie tells Zach that Derrick is going to have to tell Victoria that she is going to go up and Zach offers to tell her.  Frankie says NO sharply.

Derrick zing was "There is a lot of attractive guys in the house this year. Oh wait I didn't see you there Derrick." "Frankie you look pale! It must be hard to get any sun hiding in your sister's shadow!" Zach, What's cool about doing the gator chop and being unemployed? Nothing! Donny, You look like Duck Dynasty but your social game is more like Suck Dynasty. (That explains Donny's comment at the top of the page to the cameras.)

They are back onto Ariana's music. Even Donny is in the room.  He took his zing very personally, I guess.  Frankie and Caleb leave the room to make fish.  In the storage room they talk about who is going up when and Caleb says that everyone is on board about it.  He will blow the house up, but Victoria is harmless. Frankie backs off and says that he wants to make sure he knows where everyone stands. Christine interrupts them to get some butter substitute. 

Derrick is talking about how Christine was zinged for her attention to Cody and it has upset her.  Cody says that Nicole runs her hands through his hair, too.  They think that the zingbot was reaching for things. Derrick says that he can see that Cody would feel it reflects on him, too. Donny says that he will go to bed tonight, get up in the morning and spend till five o'clock alone, but he does go back to bed, so it is bed social time. 

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