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11:30 pm

Caleb up and speechifying again (yes I made that up especially for Beast Mode Cowboy, ug)  No idea what he was talking about, he just drones on and on. Derrick has one of his daughter’s baby blankets. Says they each have the same necklace. There are some pics Derrick hasn’t seen before. Caleb is going downstairs to get quesidillas going. Frankie is making an origami crane or a kite or something then a lady then a fox, all with the same piece of paper. (I’d make fun of him, but for the life of me I’d never been able to figure out how to do origami even with lines and numbers on the paper). Frankie says he’s glad he got instructions because that is reading. Derrick is sniffing his blankie. Vic says since they are getting restocked tomorrow can she eat the avocado. He says yes. Derrick thanks Donny for staying up to be there.  He is trying to figure out which sister it is in the pic. Donny says Ariana resembles Jessica Alba. Zach says she is so hot, that’s stupid right? Zach says his brother watched her shows.  Donny is called to the DR. Zach says Ari could not be any more perfect in any way. Bit of singing and a bit of FISH. There is a pic of Frankie and Ari. He is trying to figure out where the pic was taken. 

Zach and Cody in HOH. Zach says what if it’s a comp that can’t be thrown. Something is frozen. Caleb sounds upset about it. Turkey found in the back of the fridge, Caleb says he hid it blah blah. Frankie says maybe someone froze it and put it in the fridge to defrost. Frankie finally says something about Derrick’s photos. Derrick says they can’t talk till Caleb comes up. That Vic knows she is safe this week so she doesn’t need to be there. Caleb and Vic in kitchen. He is looking for flour tortillas. (I’d feel sorry for him that they didn’t restock already for Caleb’s sake,, except he’s been such a whiner about being on slop) Again about the furkey being frozen. Says someone froze it on purpose because they knew he wanted it (paranoid much?) HOH Zach and Frankie talking game. Zach said something about being on the block and throwing it, and what would happen and Frankie says yeah, so what’s your problem. Frankie says Donny and someone and 2 of us and they come off immediately. Zach says he has doubts about throwing it. Cody there too. Worst case scenario is Chris goes him Zach says. Zach says Donny on one side and Vic on the other. Frankie says it’s a terrible idea. Donny me, Cody Vic. If Vic wins something about Chris going home. Frankie says Vic will never win veto. Cody says only guarantee one of the 3 Donny Chris Vic goes is if 3 of their own are on the block. Frankie says we are all safe. Cody says who is we. Cody or Zach won’t go beside Donny Zach says Chris can’t hear his idea. Frankie says no. Vic won’t win veto and take Chris down. She would have to go against Derrick and him. No one will throw comp next to Donny. Zach says shitty, someone has to throw it. Whoever goes up beside Donny is not going home. 

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  • Guest - Jen

    Okay, so I understand that maybe Caleb complains a lot about being on slop but have you ever been on slop? Plus he HAS been on it for quite a long time now, it's getting reallllly old that all you talk about is how much Caleb complains about being on slop. All you complain about ALL the time is him complaining!

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  • No doubt Jen, Doing live feeds I write what is going on in the house. If Caleb didn’t keep saying it, I wouldn’t keep typing it.

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