Tony Dovolani has been a staple on ABC's Dancing With The Stars since season two. He has wowed us with his sweet personality, good looks and incredible dance moves and had us cheering when he and partner Melissa Rycroft won the all-stars season of the show. Now he is competing in his seventeenth season with Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and as always, he is making us smile, cheer and just be completely captivated by his choreography. 

TVGrapevine recently caught up with the dancer to talk about the current season, his dream partner and why NeNe is such an inspiration. 

1. He calls this season a wild ride because of all the surprises the show has been throwing their way. He reveals that the double elimination was a complete surprise to everyone and that they only found out when it was announced on the show.

 He adds that there is also very little information on the partner switch and that nobody really knows how it is going to work or how long it is going to last.  As for who he is hoping to be partnered with, Tony says that he is hoping that he gets to work with Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy. He thinks that she is very inspiring and wants to get to know her and find out what drives her every day. 

Despite all the changes and surprises, Tony keeps a good attitude about everything and says he is simply going to go with the flow and welcome anything that comes their way. 

2. He loves the fact that the show is allowing guest judges and is excited to see what Robin Roberts will bring to the table on Monday's show. He adds that he loves it when guest judges join the panel because it gives them a different point of view or insight that they might not have heard previously. He appreciates how they get to the point, are constructive and give advice they can use and apply to their next performances. 

Some of his favorite guest judges included Cher and Paula Abdul because he grew up watching them and they were among some of his first celebrity crushes. He appreciates the advice they gave and says that the experiences were something special that he will always remember. 

3. Although he thinks Amy is one of the most inspiring celebrities on the show this season, Tony thinks that NeNe is also someone who ladies can look up to. Many people are not aware of the fact that NeNe is a single mom that had a baby while she was in college. He says that it took a lot for her to get to where she is today and he hopes that people get to see who she really is throughout the season. He describes her as a woman who is hard working, positive, bubbly and who will do whatever it takes to succeed on the show. He adds that although she has a big personality, they need to work hard to match it with the dancing, especially since she is so tall.

4. Tony's dream celebrity to have on the show is Mila Kunis. He is a big fan of her as an actress and thinks that she will be a great asset for the show. He says that he hopes she will consider joining the cast after she has her baby and that they will be partnered together.

5. Tony wants his fans to know that he appreciates their support and that without them, he would not be on the show. He adds that they give him positive energy and is 'thankful with hearts attached to it.' 

Thank you to Tony and his team for this interview and be sure to watch him and NeNe on Dancing With The Stars Mondays at 8pm, only on ABC. 

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