Big Brother 15 Updates, ‘ Stinky Flowers ‘ 8:30 PM BBT Sunday, 09-15-13

Big Brother 15 Updates, ‘ Stinky Flowers  ‘  8:30 PM BBT Sunday, 09-15-13

They are still talking about the evicted houseguests.  Spencer says that McCrae didn’t have to win anything until after Amanda left.  They all laugh.  Andy says that Howard told him that he threw a lot of challenges.  GinaMarie says – no, he just sucked.  They continue to make fun of everyone – not worth retyping. 

Spencer talks about trimming his beard.  Andy says “so we can verify that everyone was at ‘summer camp’ except David, Candace & Elissa” then we get   ><((((°> <°))))><.

They ask Big Brother to verify if checkers is 2-row or 3-row.  Of course, BB does not respond.  Conversation turns to ‘what was the most heated argument in the house? ‘ (The conversation was started by Andy; in my observation, most of the bashing conversations are instigated by him.)

They adjourn to the living room.  Talk about how bad the flowers look; they probably should throw them out since they smell.  This leads to wondering how often “they” take the trash out.

Andy turns the conversation again to bashing.  Spencer says something about fishing – and we get ><((((°> <°))))>< again. We get back from fish and they are still bashing. 

They talk about the BB voice, and how odd some of the inflections are when BB calls them out.  GinaMarie says something that I cannot understand, and we get ><((((°> <°))))>< again.  They are now playing with some fake eyeballs.  (They do look funny.)

Andy goes to storage; comes out with a few beers.  They say thank you Big Brother.  Again, ><((((°> <°))))>< for no apparent reason. 

Andy takes the flowers out to the outside trash.  They comment on how cold the beers are.  Andy decides to drink champagne instead of beer. 

Ginamarie puts the cookies in the oven. 

Good Night all – can’t wait until Wednesday.

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