Big Brother 15 Updates "You are 100% staying" 11:30 AM BBT, Tuesday, 8-27-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "You are 100% staying" 11:30 AM BBT, Tuesday, 8-27-13


Backyard, Elissa and Judd are still talking survivor. He is telling her that there is no an acutal bathroom on the island, and she says I don't think I could that!

Judd tells her that there was this guy on the Real World that would just leave the bathroom door open and talk to people.

Talking about a girl that brought a dog, because she had no one to care for it and how fights started over it.

Aaryn is out of the shower and head into the rainbow room. looking for something to wear.

Backyard, Talking about howthe arguments on the Real World got physical.

Elissa said that Amanda and Aaryn would be good on The Real World. Judd said Amanda is too old for it, then they say The Bad Girls Club.

Judd is saying he doesn't like to see people fight. Elissa said she doesn't like to hear them argue with each other, even verbally.

Judd is talking about a fight he has gotten into.

Elissa said she has never gotten in a fight with a girl, not even a verbal fight. She said she never wants to be dramatic, and always keeps to herself.

Elissa says the last thing shew wuld think to do, is physical.

Elissa says, I am so glad you are back.

She ask Judd if he trust McCrandas. He says he is going to act like. it. Judd says he is going to avt lie ti too. He said they told Andy that they would never get rid of them.

Elissa said she knows he is mad at her. Judd says he is not. She siad he is rolling his eyes. Judd thinks maybe it was just for show. She sadi she doesn't want him to be mad at her, but she knew it was the only way. Judd said that no matter what they would have been safe.

Elissa siad that Amadna is trying hard to work wiht GM. She said she is so weird and gross.

Judd said he almost feels bad for her, because she is never going to be able to sell houses again.

Judd said you know who had been cool so far, knock on wood, is Aaryn. He said she said she would hang with Candace otside the show, and she can be herself. ( more lies)

She sais Aaryn was pulling her bathring suit up her butt to make it look like a thong. She siad she is surprised that Aaryn hasn't tired to hook up wiht him.

Elissa said that Jessie is hotter than Aaryn. More naturally beautiful.

Andy comes out to the backyard. They talk about Jessie wanting to be an actress. They say that reality shows don't help your acting career.

Judd is saying he doesn't think Jessie realizes all the stuff people do for free, and what they need to do to be actors.

Elissa and Andy talking about the music they played this morning and that Andy probably liked it. He says, yeah, I loved it.

Bathroom, Aaryn is putting on her make-up.

Backyard, Talking about how they really don't play country.

Just chit chat.

Andy asks Elissa if he is 100% staying and she says yes you are.

Judd siad it is just a little too late. He said she tried to get on his good graces not when she wa n the block, but when she figured she is going home.

Elissa tells Andy she put him up so he can see how the McCrandas are. She syas GM doesn't have clout in the house like he does. Andy says that he understands.

They are three say how much they love GM.

Elissa asks if htrey want eggs, and Judd and Andy said they are going ot bed. Eissa siad she is going to make eggs because she is hungry. Andy goes back in the house.

Elissa and Judd talk about Aaryn, and how she said things about Candace.

Judd sits next to Elissa and whipsers about something Candace said. Couldn't hear hat he said.

Talking about GM, and what she said about Candace's Mom. Talking about how she was young, and Judd said that he talke dot Candace a bunch of times, but doens't feel like it hurt her that much.

Elissa is telling him how great is is to be a Mom, and that Candace has overcome so much.

Elissa is called to DR.


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