Friday March 24, 2017

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Big Brother 15 Updates: Nerves and Stress seem high 5:00 pm BBT Thurs 7.11.13

Kaitlyn in the small world room with Andy and Jessie. Studying. Then Jessie leaves. he gets up to leave. Kaitlyn says you got this if she leaves. she repeats you will get mvp if she leaves. she adds Amanda has no clue. Now talk of the comp. kaitlyn doesn’t think it will be as specific as we think.   They leave.

Spencer is called to the DR.

Girls in the bathroom primping.

Graphics room with M&A. Sounds like McCrae is staying with the plan and not falling for Howard and spencer’s “plan”. They think Nick knows. Amanda says, he is so stupid, that he doesn’t realize people know what is going on. Crae said something along the lines that if they are saying that, we are right hmm? Not sure. Sounds like they can tell the guys are running scared.

{sidebar id=8} Living room with Candice Howard and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says, he said he has a real bad temper. Candice says my mamma always said, still waters run deep. Jeremy keeps pacing not really talking to HGs that I can tell. Guess who joined them…go ahead guess… YEP Andy.

Talking about hair. Candice says she had real long hair and wanted to cut it. her mom was like WHAT. Then then she goes and gets a weave. She laughs. Andy leaves, spencer joins them. Candice leaves. She goes into the graphics room. Andy there already (he beat us…darn).

{sidebar id=8}Very loudly Crae and Amanda joking about controlling votes. I haven’t seen Nick in a long while. They are all joking around. You can tell its nervous energy.

Candice what study with Andy. Andy says he is burned out, study with Amanda. She sits next to her and they are studying.

The mean group seem very stressed and worried. The misfit group (I think they are the cool group) have a lot of nervous energy, but upbeat….. to the point of being giddy.

Andy whispers as long as we don’t all go out on one questions. (sure Andy, now you have me stressed out…thanks Debbie downer) Aaryn comes in to put her shoes on..

Kitchen with Judd, and again, Andy beat us there.

We are sent to the living room. Kaitlyn just told howard something, he says it doesn’t matter.

Then sent to the storage room where Andy gets the clown and says thank you. goes and brings it to aaryn.

I must says, spencer is being really quiet and appears to be stewing. Howard and Kaitlyn are studying and the minute I type spencer isn’t talking he start to study with them.

Small world with Jessie and GinaMarie. GM is stressed., she says she is going to find ot what time it is. Jessie tells her, but she leaves anyway. We are sent to the living room with Howie, spenc and the mean girl with dark hair. (yeah, like any game talk is going to happen here). Kaitlyn leaves.

Everywhere I go or BB sends me it’s all about studying. These peeps are a drag.

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