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Wow a lot has happened in the Big Brother Canada House since the show ended Wednesday. This will contain many spoilers.  I have tried to cover the important highlights from after the show till the feeds cut Thursday afternoon.  So here we go!

I have read many recounts of events from people who were in the audience Wednesday night.

 After Kevin won HOH he was whisked away to the vault to make his nominations.  Arisa told him this was for a Instant Eviction he was to make his nominations.   He was also told he CAN NOT tell a single house guest of the instant eviction or Kevin would be the Instant Evictee.

However, when he made his nominations I'm unsure if he made 2 nominations or if he did the "ShortList" of 4 house guests.  Rumors are swirling that he only made 2 nominations which were Naeha and Bobby.

Thursday prior to the feeds being cut, Kevin was called to the DR around noon.  I believe this is when they had him pick his 2 nominations from his "ShortList" My thought is...why would introduce the "Short List" and not use it...but I could be wrong.

Now let me just explain the "Shortlist" for those that haven't seen it yet.  BBCAN has tossed out the traditional "key" system and have gone high tech with a board, with a drag and drop of the house guests pictures.  I couldn't find a clear picture so I grabbed a screen shot from Bobby ' s nominations.  So first the HOH picks 4 houseguests, then from that 4 the HOH picks the 2 nominees. The Shortlist kind reminds me of BBUS 4 nominations without the BOB.

april3 sparks BBcan3

So when while Kevin is making his nominations with Arisa the other house guests were busy beavers. Chop Shop boys Graig, Bobby, Bruno Jordon with tag along Godfrey were all fist bumping doing the bro thing all seriously (except Jordan he's smarter and plays along) believing they will sail to the end of the game. They truly believe Kevin will side with them to nominate and evict Naeha.  

 As Bruno said to Graig "Naeha HAS to disappear this week!" They seemingly have forgetten that Bobby (Chop Shop) put up and wanted to evict Kevin last week.

Kevin is released back into the house and proceeds to mingle with the house guests. First encounters Zach in the bedroom he informs Kevin if he doesn't put up Naeha, Kevin will feel a lot of heat in the house.  He also tells Kevin if he wins the next HOH he will get rid of someone Kevin wants. Kevin plays along and says he was thinking of putting Sarah up as a pawn which was perfect for Zach.

Zach leaves Naeha enters. She reminds Kevin that he was the target last week until he won the veto, which Kevin tells her he definitely knows and remembers.

Newport - Jordan and Zach discuss what they should do this week ride with the house and get Naeha out or they could flip it.  They do want to bring Kevin and Ashleigh into there group. Easy for Zach to do with Zach's budding showmance with Ashleigh. Jordan has his "fake" Fortress alliance with Kevin.

Naeha knows that half the house wants her out. She is convinced that the 4 guys have Graig, Bobby Bruno and Godfrey are working together.  She scrambles to get the target on Bobby.  She wants to form a alliance of herself, Sarah, Brittnee, Johnny, Jordon, Kevin and Zach. She seems to have rallied them together after much discussion with group and all seem on board to evict Bobby or Graig as a backdoor.

My last point of interest was the forming of a new alliance which is called the Bromuda Triangle.  Jordon, Kevin and Zach met in the storage room they came to the conclusion that they could ride the middle longer if they got ride of Bobby this week.

Kevin did a bang up job of not blowing the instant eviction twist...when I had watched most of this unfold I had not read about the audience reports that Kevin had already done his nominations...good job Kevin he had me fooled.

Fast forward to Thursday morning the other house guests...still having NO IDEA about instant Eviction...went about their morning all waiting for Kevin to get called to the DR to get his HOH key and then they were expecting to play a have/have-not competition. Finally, around noon Kevin was called to the DR. Feeds were kept on for about 30 minutes then they cut them.  About  1:15 PM the feeds returned for a short time showing the houseguests under Bedroom lock down, all were out cold taking a nap.

At 2:55PM Arisa could be heard calling all the houseguests to the living room. They all jump out of bed half asleep and raced to the living room.  Once all e took pee breaks even tho Arisa said not too. They made them wait a good 6-8 minutes all mostin silence. About 2:55pm Kevin walks out of the Vault and stands quietly under the TV screen. Arisa apprears on the TV and informs the houseguests that tonight is a Instant Eviction. Feeds cut!

Big Brother Canada 3 will return Sunday April 5th at 7 PM on Global TV. So far there has been no feed leaks...since BBCAN can keep a secret i doubt it.  However, should there be any leaks I will post them! ASAP so Stay tuned!

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