Friday March 24, 2017
Big Brother 17 Updates "I Will Literally Kill Him" 12:30 am BBT, Wednesday 9/9/15 #BB17 #BBLF

Kitchen: Vanessa telling Austin how much better he has gotten at chess, makes the excuse that she was doing her best, but is not at her best at night... Austin talking with his mouth full. Says he is going to try and keep playing.


Austin telling the camera to tell Eli to start playing chess so they can play when he gets out...


Vanessa washing her bowl and fork. Finishes and heads to the bathroom area. Liz brushing her teeth.  Austin remains in the kitchen eating, and the smacking can be heard all the way in the bathroom... with an occasional "oh man" as he shovels in the food... Vanessa heads outside to the laundry area.

Hot tub: Julia and Steve talking about school.

Kitchen: Liz throwing kisses at Austin, whose cheeks are puffed out with food... She asks him if his food is good. He goes back to eating.

Backyard: Vanessa yelling at Steve from the sliding glass door asking if he threw a Mr Goodbar in her laundry back. She says if my laundry has chocolate all over it, I'm going to kill you. Steve says I'm pretty sure I didn't, I would double check, but I'm pretty sure no. Vanessa returns to the washer. Julia says well now, she can't open it. Steve says you can turn it off. Vanessa says if there was one in the bag, I will kill you. Steve says then double check! She says it's too late! Steve says turn it off! She says I'm not going to open wet laundry. Steve says okay, then it's your fault. Vanessa says again, if there is, I will kill you. Julia says Steveeeeuh, enough with the Mr. Goodbar's you made your point!

Kitchen: Liz calls Austin her bro. He says don't call me bro, I'm your bae. She hugs him from behind, then tells him he has a nice tush for a guy... He says so do you... (mouth full) for a girl... and a great one... Enter Vanessa says like in my laundry... really? (think she might go off on Steve to justify stabbing him in the back...) She says if there is, I will literally kill him. Liz says I'm surprised you haven't washed one already. Austin says you should put one in his laundry... melted. Vanessa laughs, says really... there you go... then he'll get the message. She heads back to the bathroom. Liz cleaning up Austin's mess. Austin takes a tums. She asks if she should take one... then asks what it does. He says settles the stomach a little bit. She takes one. Austin heads to the toilet. Liz asks how many she could take. He jokes a little, then tells her two. Vanessa returns for water. Liz heads outside. Austin brushing his teeth.

Vanessa now in the bathroom rolding towels, then fussing with her hair. Austin begins to floss. Vanessa begins to brush. BB pages Vanessa to the DR. She says she is glad she didn't take her makeup off. Brushes her hair, and opens her makeup bag, a little lip gloss, and some concealer under the eyes and over the pimples. Smiles in the mirror and off to the DR. Austin wishes her luck and he primps with the straightening iron...  Into the toilet.  

Hot tub: Steve talking about music and being successful and that is why he doesn't have a lot of social skills. Talking about Facebook and when they got it. Twins had a MySpace in high school. Steve never had one.

Bathroom: Austin out of the toilet and GASP, he washes his hands with a little soap!!  Puts on his mic and returns to straightening his hair.

Hot tub: School talk continues. Liz joins Austin for a game of pool. Julia doesn't believe that BB can hear them when they whisper. Steve says if they want to, they could. Julia talks about not wanting to pay $16 to her sorority and they kicked her out. Says she wasn't going back to that school so whoops... Says it was because she missed a chapter... or if we didn't attend events. Julia whines that the chapters were always Sunday night at 6. Steve says his were too. Steve talking about Cornell.


Still talking about frats and sororities and living in dorms.

Fish (?)

Steve says he ran into his freshman roommate


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