Friday March 24, 2017
"Lunch Time for Liz" 12:00-1:00pm- Hi everyone, the two views we are offered this afternoon are: Kitchen: Steve just pacing, and Liz is in bed, looks like Vanessa is too, im just kind of recapping the last hour quickly as it is not all the engaging.... Purple room: Vanessa is still sleeping.

12:45: Liz is just getting up. She goes to the bathroom and is going to storage room, adjusts the garbage can bag and starts throwing stuff out. Alot of the stuff that was on one of the counters now in the trash. She grabs the nail clippers, a can of something, and heads out to the kitchen. She is sitting at the kitchen isle facing the memory board doing her nails.

She is making something, i think its a can of soup. I havent seen steve, he grabbed his covers off the purple room pull out couch, and went else where i assume back to the comic room but they are not showing this, only Vanessa with her cap pulled up over her head.

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