Big Brother 15 Updates, Gina Told the Facts of Nick 12:30 am BBT Monday 7-15-13

Kitchen: Aaryn and Gina talking. Aaryn says they are the three coolest guys in here. Gina says I know, the three coolest. Aaryn says here's how it is going to go, all the showmance - David, Nick, Jeremy, Howard, McCrae, Judd, then everybody else. Gina says Judd will go before McCrae... you mean it will be all f*ing girls. She laughs. She tells Aaryn that she needs to win HOH. Gina says those questions after Nick went home, my brain was retarded, apoligizes, then says I couldn't think. She says but that won't happen again. Aaryn says that one HOH is sending all of us home... (?)

Gina says I still don't know why they put Nick up. Gina says really, he didn't make a deal with Elissa. Aaryn says that is the only person in the house. Aaryn says she doesn't want to go home and see someone she cares about being hurt. Gina says he didn't play me. There was no reason for that. Aaryn says votes. Gina says one vote, that can come from anywhere. Aaryn explains the 5-man alliance and all their fringe alliances and how it works. Aaryn says he said things about you like my ears are burning (actually he said bleeding) and you are annoying to multiple people. It is like I don't want you to look back... Gina says did you hear him say that? Aaryn says no, but you came to me about things you heard David say. Gina says then why did he come talk to me, I didn't do the talking, he did the talking. Aaryn says I have no doubt. Gina says I didn't hang with him, I cooked and cleaned and hung out with the girls. Aaryn says I'm just say be careful, I don't want you to find out at the end about them talking behind your back.

Gina says I can't believe, it is like, I can't go up and ask him, he ain't here. Aaryn says what would be the point of making it up, he is already gone, it is over, he left. There is no reason to try and hurt you after he is gone. Things are hidden to protect their game. She says stop talking about it, stop thinking about it... she says every one is saying that all you do is talk about Nick and Jeremy wants to be here... Gina says I don't think.. if he was saying stuff it was so people didn't know we were together. Aaryn says you are chosing to ignore a lot of things that make sense. Gina says not because I don't believe it, just not 100%. Aaryn says his strategy was to not ruffle feathers to be friends with everyone. Once again, Aaryn talks about them sleeping with a pillow between. BB says Jeremy...


{sidebar id=8}Gina says it is so fresh right now, not even three days yet. Aaryn says I'm the only one that will talk to you about this. We are a lot alike, we are nice, I've had it done to me and will try to make you see the light, we are in a game, people lie here and make up a whole life that they are not. This game is about playing people. You are not listening, it is interferring with your game and your happiness. She says I just don't want to see you hurt. That is why you have such bad luck and situations don't go your way. When you get a red flag, you just keep going forward instead of stepping back. This house is not the place... Gina says point. Aaryn says he came in here wanting money, not a girl. She says you need to take a step back. Aaryn says and Elissa is f*ing with you and I don't like it. Gina says don't let it bother you. Aaryn says if she brings it up, talk about something else.

She says that in real life, if you give attention to anything, it grows, even if it is false. Gina says I know. Jeremy comes in, whistling. Aaryn asks Kaitlin what is wrong, she says nothing. They have some chocolate. Kaitlin says they were out there laughing, being catty high school and I just wanted to come in. Gina says I'll go ask them what they were f*ing talkinga bout. Kaitlin says they were talking bad about Nick. Gina says like what. Kaitlin says everything. Gina goes outside.

Patio: Andy, Howard, Candice, Jessie, Spencer, Amanda, Elissa. Andy teases Gina about cursing during the live show. They giggle about the cockroach comment.









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