Friday March 24, 2017

Big Brother 15 Updates "Flipping Out" 1:00 PM BBT, Thursday, 7-11-13

Feeds are back.  Andy confides in Spencer that they have Jessie's vote.  He says that they have the vast majority and Andy admits it when Spencer directly asks him.  He says at least he thinks they do.  

Spencer is right back in the storage room again with Helen and asks Helen for names, and she doesn't budge even when Spencer asks her for the names.  She tells him that she is looking out for him, but he has to trust her.  

Next Spencer tells Howard that they have to study, buddy and he corners Amanda in the storage room.   

Candice and Elissa are talking about the lockdown in the HOh and how Aaryn was wanting to try out for Miss Texas after BB.  Candice let her know that she was Miss LA USA and then said something about only letting it out a little at a time.  Elissa mentions how Aaryn's eyes rolled when she said that.  

{sidebar id=8} Andy and Jessie head into the cockpit and Jessie says that Spencer and Howard rode her so hard this morning and it is still Nick isn't it?  Andy says that no  matter who tells you to vote differently, you must vote Nick out.  Even if I tell you differently, you are to vote Nick out.  Jessie is concerned about her name being dropped and Andy says that it is alright for that to happen as it will expose Spencer and they need to know where he stands.  He says that he will not do you wrong, and everything rides on us staying strong.  He says that they will have the  numbers and every week we will have the MVP.  Andy says that every week he wanted to work with her but he was nervous to talk to her but there are good people here with good hearts who want to win the game and you will like working with them.  Jessie says that she is ashamed of some of the things she said with them and he says with them he said things he regrets too, but you have to to be in good with them.  He hated the way they treated her. They hug it out and Andy is excited.  He promises to look out for her. They start rehearsing the freight.

Andy says to practice with Helen because he is going to tell Spencer that he doesn't think he can trust him.  He leaves. Helen tells her that she has scared Spencer to the point where he is going to vote with us and that the house is going to flip out.  She says that she told him that he played both sides and he is going to leave before her.  He said that she was a power and had to go. Jessie doesn't want to be seen as a switcher and Helen assures her that Ian Terry switched and won the game.  She says that Spencer is one who switched and played both sides of the house.  Jessie says that she switched just in time then.  Helen grins at that one. She tells Jessie that "she" wanted to put up GM and she told her not to because she likes GM.  GM is going to flip because she is close to Nick but Nick will be okay.

In the living room Kaitlyn and Jeremy are discussing Jessie's sudden connection with Helen and how Elissa and Jessie were sleeping in the same bed and that may mean she is now working with the others.  Elissa even washed her sheets.  Kaitlyn says what a f*ing skanky little b*.  She asks if Spencer and Howard are lying to her and asks if he still trusts their vote.  Jeremy says yes, for this vote he does anyway.  She asks what is the problem and he says he just feels sketchy about it.  Kaitlyn asks if she can go in and look in on her and he says yeah, but just look in.  She does and Helen and Jessie are just studying.

Kaitlyn comes back and says that when she opened the door Jessie was saying that this is just crazy and she doesn't know what was going on, but they might just be studying.  She offers to make him a bagel and he says as long as it is a good one.

Off to the lounge with Nick, Howard, and Spencer.

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